It had been a while since we found time for a FatBird Weekender, and which better day than to do it on a relaxing Sunday morning outside of the training season.  Although this was the first post Sundown get-together run we had, the group was rather small as many FatBirds were involved in other races and events in another typical busy running weekend in Singapore.

Photo Slideshow, credit FatBird AC Leong

With a comfortably-sized group of 40+, we were able to catch up and bond along the forested trails of MacRitchie Reservoir, the quiet stretches of Rifle Range Link, as well as the rocky Sime Trail and softer Lornie Trail.  The runners, coming in with fresh legs, were seen having that renewed spring and vigour in them as they manouvred the tricky stretches and the undulating sandy slopes of the forest trails.

There were a couple of new runners who have joined us for the first time, and they along with the experienced runners enjoyed the scenic run in cool weather, working at their own paces.  The highlight of the morning had to be the well-deserved ‘sinful-looking’ brunch of laksa, mee-siam, nasi lemak and local food delights which many were looking forward to, after that challenging workout caused many a ‘growling’ tummy.

And as we chat and laugh over the post-brunch coffee and hot drinks, we wore a satisfied look in our faces, already thinking of when and what we will do in the next FatBird Weekender

We love to go a-running
Along the forest trails
And as we run
We love to share
Our happiness of running…