In week #5, the Ops Kookaburra participants had their third group training with Team FatBird at the ECP for Optimal Paced long runs of 18km for the Half Marathoners and 28km for the Full Marathoners.

The turnout was not bad and we had the regular group of trainees settling in well to the training structure, with some firm foundation built up in the previous weeks of runs.  Although the run was a night one, the rather humid weather posed some challenges, especially in the second half of the workouts.

Still, the Kookaburras were focused in sustaining their targeted paces for as long as possible.  With the guidance of experienced Gold Coast Marathoners as Pacers, the Kookaburras learnt more about balancing their efforts with sustainable paces, as well as implementing some elements of good in-run fuel and hydration.

The stretch of ECP was real busy on this Saturday night, adding on to the challenge of the run as we had to weave around the crowd at times, and also be exposed to the smoke from the BBQ pits and families with children hogging the running paths.  However, all the activities and merry-making added to the fun factor of the run as well as heightened the senses of our runners as we had to be extra alert to avoid any potential accidents.

The mainly FM Kookaburras completed their 28km distance with good effort, although some had to slow down the pace after 21km as the humidity and fatigue took their toll.  Still, the Kookaburras were able to continue with the remaining distances at slightly slower pace, fulfilling the overall training objectives no less.

After this phase of training, the Kookaburras will embark on their next phase in week #6 at Optimal Pace (a tad faster than Marathon Pace).  That will also prepare the runners for a trial of their abilities as some will be participating in the Sundown Marathon at the end of May.  

The Kookaburras are building up well even as we are having a few more participants join us for GCAM.  The GCAM race registrations are looking good for yet another large contingent from Team Singapore.  

For marathoners who are still on the fence about registering for GCAM to do their Personal Bests (PB) or Qualify For Boston (BQ), there is no better time than to do it NOW – Do visit the GCAM booth at the Sundown Marathon Race Expo On May 16-18 to get more details of the travel package and possibly register in the spot.

Run Kookaburras Run Kookaburras, Gold Our Race Shall Be!

Facebook photos from FatBird CK Chin