After a week of break (although personal training continues), The Falcons returned highly charged to begin the next phase of training – Long Pace Runs for sustained speed endurance.

Considering the Lunar New Year week ahead, turnout was pretty good with strong representation in all pace groups for both HM and FM runners.  Armed with 6 weeks of base-building, most of the trainees are entering this phase better prepared for the discipline and mental strength to keep to sustainable target Marathon Pace (MP).

The briefing was kept short for an early start, with all groups headed towards Cable Ski with one key training objective – to maintain MP for as long as possible in their prescribed distances of 17-18km (HM) and 28-30km (FM).  Along the route, the FM trainees would have to tackle the mentally-draining Changi Coastal stretch as well.

The first half of the run was made easier with that immaculate cool, crisp weather of light winds. To better keep pace and to avoid speeding too much, the respective group runners were chatting with one another to alleviate boredom as well as keep one another in check.

After the U-turn, the sun came up, although the heat was not felt that badly as our backs were facing the sun by then.  Hydration and fuel plans continued to be executed accordingly, with the Falcon trainers giving regular feedback and the constant reminders to stay the pace and maintain good running form.

When we returned back to C4 start point, it was just another 7km for full completion of the workout.  Such routes passing along the start/end points but not yet completing the full prescribed distances always make it challenging, as there is a tendency to want to just end the run abruptly and join those who have already completed and are resting.  

However, the mental resolve and commitment from the Falcons shone through as they grit their teeth to complete the final 7km, some even with a negative split coming in at the final 2-3km.


Training ended well on time, which allowed some time for trainers to share on the importance of recovery and to ease those tightening muscles and aches with regular foam-rolling, trigger-balling, stretching, and having regular sports massages to get deeper into the tissues.

As The Falcons departed fully satisfied with their completed workout, and looking forward to the New Year festivities, they were reminded of the upcoming hills training and the 2nd longest endurance run next weekend – yes, training continues in the midst of the New Year celebrations as we inch closer to the race date in early March.  There’s nothing like good conditioning and preparedness to enable all Falcons to shine through in their final objective race.

The Falcons Have Paced Well, The Falcons Will Race Well!

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