Week 5 of Ops Falcon saw more trainees return to training with high anticipation for a good strength endurance workout at one of the popular Hills Training areas, Mt. Faber Loops.

Many of the trainees have heard lots from their friends who have joined FatBird training at the hills before, and were all in for this visit to MF Hills (We just did the Labrador Hills 3 weeks ago).  The briefing was kept brief, with a short recap of the hill running tips we have sent out, before setting off in groups towards the Morse Road ascent to MF.

The Falcon trainees, with their base of 4 weeks of training, did reasonably well to climb the initial slope at steady paces before settling into the ‘ACTION’ Zone.  Groups 1-3 were given a final brief of the 1.6km hill repeat routine before being released into the moonlit night up slope.

The respective groups managed their paces rather well, and even new runners to this hill area had the foundation to tackle the 800m up stretch comfortably.  Pointers were dispensed to the trainees on how to have good form managing the up slopes, as well as tackling the down slopes with care and safety by staying closer to the ground with increased turnover.

The 50min was well maxed by most of the Falcons, with many covering at least 2-3 repeats, and the stronger ones covering 4-5 repeats; then there were the few 2-3 who did 6 repeats at the tops of their game.  

The atmosphere was one of contagious enthusiasm and good sense of satisfaction after the workout, with lots of chit-chat and sharing of experiences and tips among the various trainers and trainees alike.  A group photo by the foot was captured of the achievements of all Falcons for good measure.

A 1.5km recovery run back to base was just so good for the mind as well as settling back to the comfortable zone.  Overall a short, intense and highly beneficial workout for all at the MF hills.  Our next PowerFLIGHT strength @ the hills will see us at another famous hill workout area in the region; something we are sure most would not want to miss.

The Falcons Went All The Way To The Top!

Facebook Photos from Falcon Meng Kiat