The NightHawks were at MacRitchie Reservoir for week #2 of Sundown Marathon Training by Team FatBird – this week it was their inaugural night training run at the Mystic Reservoirs route.

The Sundown Marathon being a Night Marathon race require that Night Long Runs are a key component of a structured training program for conditioning and preparing marathoners to perform well in the different set of challenges presented by running in the night, especially in the humidity of Singapore.

Week #2 of Sundown Training saw the NightHawks embark on their first of a series of 6 night long training runs.  The mission for the NightHawks were to cover the enchanting Reservoir routes of 15km (HM) and 24km (FM) in a faster-finish long run.

The trainees along with the Sundown Pacers were to pace themselves from BaseBuild Pace in the first half transitioning to Marathon Pace on the return of the run in their respective pace groups of varying target marathon goals.

The cool and windy night made for very comfortable running along the forested-flanked roads covering MacRitchie, Peirce and Seletar Reservoirs.  Armed with light-coloured apparel, lights, whistles, the various pace groups were quite visible and attractive as they moved through the darker parts of some of the routes.

When the final group (5-hour) returned back to the start point at MR Amenities Centre, it was well within the 3-hour time-on-feet maximum.  The various pace groups, led by experienced marathoners from the Sundown Pacer team, did very well to hit the right pace targets given for the night training.

Overall, it was a very smooth and effective night conditioning training for all NightHawk participants – it was all evident in the pacing and completion times, management of effort, as well and a sense of giving a solid effort without feeling drained by the workout.

The NightHawks and Sundown Pacers were given a debrief as well as some preparation tips for their first test of their pacing abilities at next weekend’s first Sundown Marathon Lead Up Run.

We look forward to having Sundown participants join Team FatBird and Sundown Pacers for their first training run (out of a 3-part progressive build-up) in their training journey towards achieving their targets on race night.


The NightHawks Aced The Mystic Night Run Training!


Operation NightHawk Night Marathon Training System

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