The NightHawks entered into week 9 of Sundown Marathon training with the longest run from Marine Cove, ECP.

Led by the Sundown Marathon Pacers who were into week 12 of Pacer Training, the respective pace groups completed long runs of 22km (HM) and 32-35km (FM) at Optimal Pace, in spite of the seething heat.

With the foundation of 8 weeks of basebuild and pace training, the NightHawks were looking strong in the first part of the training run with transition from Marathon Pace to Optimal Pace after a 3-5km warm up segment.

However, the heat of the sun and humidity soon got to the trainees who slowed down slightly midway through the run.  Hydration and nutrition plans were put to the tests, which enabled the NightHawks to sustain through the remaining portions of the run.

Still it was a herculean and commendable effort from the NightHawks and Sundown Pacers in completing their training mission in the longest run and in very challenging weather conditions to say the least.

The NightHawks are primed for a good Sundown race in less than a month’s time.  They will be looking forward to the tapering phase which will start from next week.  The most important thing for the trainees are to avoid catching any flu bug and remaining injury-free during this final period leading up to race night.


The NightHawks Overcame Challenging Weather In Their Longest Training Run

Photos from FatBird Chris