As part of the Official Sundown Marathon running talk series, Team FatBird was to lead a 8km run for the 40 experienced runners who attended the Running Gait Analysis workshop at HortPark.  The 10 of us from the FatBird-Sundown Pacers team joined the comfy group of 50 for a talk by Ray from Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), where an overview of running gait, common problems caused by poor running form, as well as some simple diagnostics we can conduct to find out if we have been running right during training.

After an interesting overview of Gait Analysis, coupled with some demonstrations and a short but lively Q&A, Ray conducted a dynamic warm-up for the runners, before Team FatBird took over to lead the runners into the lush and serene enclave of Canterbury Estate.  We ran at a comfortable, chit-chat pace, discussing about what we had just learnt about running gait, as well as the training progress we have had in the run up preparations for Sundown.  

There was a good mix of faster runners as well as some who were taking it easier to focus on their running form.  There were the club runners, school x-country reps, members of running groups as well as running enthusiasts who were serious about improving their run timings with tweaks to their running form and training methods.

After an approximate 5km in the estate, one group decided to head back for the refreshments, while the other group of about 20 went on to the Kent Ridge Park for some hills and fartlek tryouts.  At the end, most have had their satisfying tempo and hill workouts, and were looking happy and strong.  

More sharing and face-face Q&A with Ray ensued after light refreshments and a group cool down stretch conducted by Team FatBird.  The whole session ended before noon, and from the feedback of the participants, it was a well spent morning where they went away with some good knowledge of gait analysis and got in a nice workout in rather nice weather and some good group running. 


We invited some of the runners to find out more about gait analysis from Ray/TTSH and also to join in the Sundown lead UpRuns on April 21 and May 6, this time we will be doing 25km-30km pace training runs with the Sundown Ambassadors – how’s that for putting into practice what has been learnt at the workshops and training talks?

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