With the longest run completed last weekend, the NightHawks came into week #10 of training to complete the tapering process with 18km and 28km Optimal Pace Long Run.

As conditions would have it, the sun was beating down throughout the whole training run, as if to test the mettle of the NightHawks and Kookaburras.  It was also a good opportunity to do some heat and humidity conditioning, amping the resilience of the marathoners to be able to tackle even more challenges and enhance race readiness.

The Kookaburras who are in week #5 of training for Gold Coast Marathon 2018 also joined in the fray for the 28km Optimal Pace Challenge.

The Sundown Marathon Pacers and Gold Coast Marathon Trainers combined forces to lead the different training groups through the Gardens, Barrage, ECP and Tanjong Rhu routes, with 2 small hills ascents at Alpha Loop.

With the foundation of 9 weeks of basebuild and pace training, the NightHawks ran strong with smooth transitioning from Marathon Pace to Optimal Pace after a 3-5km warm up at Marathon Pace.

However, the heat of the sun and humidity soon got to the trainees who slowed down slightly midway through the run.  Hydration and nutrition plans were put to the tests, which enabled the NightHawks to sustain through the remaining portions of the run.

The majority of the NightHawk trainees did very well to complete their workouts and sustaining target paces through their 18km and 28km runs respectively.

The piercing heat from the sun did take a toll on many of the runners after 20km, and the water stops had to be slightly longer to cool the bodies down to sustain the effort for the final 8km.

As the NightHawks enter the final week of tapering, their weekly mileage will be reduced to 70-80% this coming week and will be further reduced to 40-50% in race week, with training intensity remaining.

This will be the period to also attend to all the minor niggles and have proper sleep and nutrition to be in prime condition for race night.

There will be a final night run next weekend to put all race preparations together and to ensure race, hydration and fuel plans are put to a final round of practice and trials.

We are all excited with the progress and readiness of the NightHawks, and cannot wait for them to go out to register more Good Times and Personal Bests on May 19.

The NightHawks Are Sundown Marathon Ready!

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