With only 2 weeks to race night, the NightHawks were all charged up for their 15km and 25km Optimal Paced (OP) long run on a Saturday night at Parkland Green.


With the race routes and timings finalized, the long training run this evening incorporated the main portions of ECP, Gardens By The Bay and even with the hill loop at the Marina Barrage for good measure.


Under the guidance of the NightHawk trainers and Sundown Pacers, the contingent of NightHawks put up their best showing thus far with strength and speed endurance sustained throughout the targeted distances.


The cool weather (after the bout of afternoon showers) make the run so much easier and enjoyable, and before long, we were already past the midway mark and still raring to go.  The NightHawks also took the opportunity to test their hydration and fuel plan to make finer adjustments where required.


The NightHawks proved to be well conditioned for night long runs, especially after they had progressively built up their mileage and paces with more than 5 runs in the night.  By 10pm, most of the trainees were back at the training area, replenishing fluids and carbs with isotonic drinks and bananas.


A briefing was conducted with respect to the importance of good nutrition, hydration and rest during the tapering week to maximize performance on race night.


We ended training early and on a high note, with the NightHawks clutching to their just-issued red training singlets, and planning how they will match with race gear and shoes.


The Sundown Pacers will be at Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) on May 20-22, and there will be a meet-up on race night for all Sundown Runners as well.  Do visit them and have a chat with your timing group pacers, get your pace bands and possibly get advise on the pace strategy for race night.


The NightHawks Are Ready To Fly!


Photos By FatBird Chin