With 2 weeks to Sundown Marathon, the Operation NightHawk 2019  trainees gathered at the Mt. Faber training  area for our final long run at Optimal Pace before entering into our 2 week Taper Phase.

The NightHawks were joined by The Kookaburras – Marathoners preparing for the Gold Coast Marathon 2019 race in July.

The NightHawks have done a couple of 2.5h-3.5h runs of 28-33km long runs in their endurance and pace sharpening phase before arriving for this long run of 3h, a sort of race day rehearsal and final checks of their race and fuel plans.

The Cloudy morning set the tone for a steady-paced run along the hilly regions of Mt. Faber through to Labrador Park and Keppel Marina.

Led by their highly experienced FatBird trainers, the NightHawks and Kookaburras started off at Marathon Pace (MP) along their 4km run-in to Labrador Park, before increasing to Optimal Pace (OP) for their 1 to 2.5 loops workout of the 7.5km Labrador-Keppel Circuit.

With the foundation and base built up over the past 9 weeks of training, the trainees were running a lot more measured with confident strides as they tackle the rolling slopes of Labrador Hill and the flats of Keppel Marina.

Watching their target paces closely, the trainers and trainees ran in controlled fashion, checking off the km as they came.

The Skies turned dark 90min into the workout forcing the group to cut short their workout by 5km.  We headed back to the MF Clubhouse as it rained down on us midway.

The rain cooled us down and made the journey back quite pleasurable and also offered the runners a chance to get conditioned to running in wet weather (in case it happens on race night).

Although we returned to the Clubhouse earlier by 45min and about 5km less than planned, it was a very rewarding workout as the trainees were able to hit their target Marathon and Optimal Paces for a good run duration of 1.5-2h.

With the final long run in the bag, the NightHawks will proceed into the Tapering Phase with a reduction of mileage to 80% for the coming week, and then 60% on race week.

We will have a final long run of 13-18km on the coming Saturday night before entering the race week with ample rest and carb-loading for a good Sundown Marathon peformance.


The NightHawks Are Ready To Rock Sundown Marathon

The Kookaburras Are Progressing Well For Gold Coast Marathon



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