Because of the heavy downpour the whole afternoon, the Sundown Marathon Lead Up Run was called off by the Sundown Organizer as the rain didn’t look like it would stop in time.  The Pacers along with a handful of runners who showed up decided to do our own training run when the rain stopped by 5pm.

The weather was cool after the showers, and the enthusiastic Sundown Pacers don on their bright coloured singlets to test out their Marathon Pace for 19km (Half Marathon Pacers) and 30km (Full Marathon Pacers).

The route was quite clear all along the way to ECP, possibly due to the cancellation/postponement of activities and the Marina Run 5km and 10km due to bad weather.  In spite of not having the lead up runners, the Pacers took their training and target pacing seriously as they would have to produce the same results on race night.

The first half of their respective distances to just before the Cable Ski (HM) and NSRCC (FM) was ran with steady target paces as the cool winds blew towards the runners moving as unified entities in their respective pace groupings.

The Pacers and runners also took the opportunity to test out their race night apparel, hydration and fuel plans, as well as timing devices and race equipment to suss out potential issues to be resolved before the important race.

On the return, we ran a 5km stretch along the Marina 21km participants and it was great to see fellow NightHawks and FatBirds racing well in such nice weather.

Our Sundown Pacer training ended very smoothly and on time at 9:45pm.  Along the way, we paced and brought back a number of runners who were there for the lead up run, and shared some tips and advice on how they can prepare better for their Sundown Marathon.

We look forward to the 3rd and final Sundown Marathon Lead Up Run on March 11 evening, and this time we hope for great weather and good attendance for all Sundown participants to get their final timed trial and test run in before race night.


The Sundown Marathon Pacers Are On Track!


Photos By FatBird Chin