After 15 weeks of selection trials and intensive pace training with 3 lead up runs for Sundown runners, the Sundown Marathon Pacers from Team FatBird delivered to their pace to help many runners meet their marathon targets and even register Personal Bests at Sundown Marathon.

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The Half and Full Marathon Pacers were at Race Village at 9pm to ensure all preparations from identifying the race routes to getting the pace balloons, arming themselves with sponsored items, meeting up with runners and taking photos, and lining up at the start line for the night’s pacing mission.


The Half Marathon Pacers of 2:00h, 2:15h and 2:30h took up positions by 11:15pm, joined shortly by wave 1 of the large field of Half Marathoners which were flagged of at 11:50pm.  The air was rather humid and the route was challenging with its fair share of slopes.  Still the HM Pacers did very well to bring the runners to within 1-2min of the completion target times.


The Full Marathon Pacers were ushered into the start pens at 11:45pm but had to wait for the waves of HM runners to clear before taking up their respective positions in 2 waves for what they have been training for the past 15-weeks to deliver.

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The first half of the run was steadied at Optimal Pace for the crowds of runners to follow the FM Pace Groups of 4:00h, 4:30h, 5:00h, 5:30h and 6:00h.  The second half of the race got more challenging with the humid weather, and that’s where the Pacers kicked into overdrive to keep the runners motivated and overcome their tiredness to sustain optimal pace.

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By the 30km mark, those runners who showed signs of bettering their timings were encouraged to run ahead at faster paces to achieve their PBs while the tiring ones kept to their paces in the hope of beating the clock.


The Sundown Pacers shone through the night to deliver many of the runners and trainees who have been training with Team FatBird in the 12-week structured marathon training program to meet and best their target timings for the race.

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There were many words of thanks and accolades post-race from the runners face-face and also on social media – that made all the sacrifices and hard work for the Sundown Marathon Pacers all worth it and gratifying.  The following are some of the feedback from the NightHawks and Sundown Runners:

Adelene Ho
After 5 years of running and on my 10th try, I finally managed to break sub 4hr 30min timing by coming in at 4hr 17min in today’s sundown marathon, shaving off 18mins from my previous personal best timing of 4hr 35min two years ago.  I would like to thank Group 2- 4:30 pacers who have trained the long distance with me week after week. They have been absolutely supportive and motivating.

Ng Ngee Hung
Special Heartfelt thanks to Team Fatbird for the countless LSDs without which this would not be possible. Thank you guys !

Kelly Ho
I am back! 2014 was my last sub-5 hr during 2XU marathon. After 12 weeks of training with Team Fatbird, I am happy to say I came away not only stronger but faster. This PB was a long time coming but with the support and encouragement from my wife and the TFB Group 3 Pacers, I finally did it.

Nawal Gupta
A heartfelt thanks to the amazing Team Fatbird who helped me whatever little I have achieved today in Running. Bunch of wonderful guys, always keen to share their expertise and with them got the opportunity to make a lot of new friends.

Cheam Tze-Hui
Finally completed my 1st local marathon. Was glad to finish. Thanks to all my running buddies & pacers from Team Fatbird who supported us throughout.  

Patrizia D. Lorenzo
I would like to thank Team FatBird for having made my dream to run a marathon a reality. I was well trained and despite by broken toe ( which is still painful) I made it to the finishing line.
There are three special pacers that made it possible for me to run today : Celia, Nielsen and Muthu. They really cared about the team and about their trainees. They are brilliant and embraced the team work spirit … Nobody is left behind!

This has been a memorable experience for the 45-strong Sundown Marathon Pacer team of Pacers and support crew.  Team FatBird would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to every member of the Pacer team for their perseverance and dedication to deliver the pace goals on race night.  The team would also like to offer special thanks and gratitude to the Sundown Organizers for giving us this special opportunity to provide pacing and training runs for Sundown Half & Full Marathoners, and to show to ourselves and all Sundown participants that We Are Limitless!


Sundown Marathon Pacers – You Rocked The Night!


Photos from FatBirds Chin & Jayson