It’s a wrap.  Ops NightHawk 2018 and Sundown Marathon Pacers training came to a good close at the Sports Hub last evening.

The final training run was a fitting finale for all NightHawks and Pacers who went through 11 weeks and 14 weeks of structured night marathon training.

The NightHawk Pacers were decked out in their race night armour for a full dress rehearsal of what’s to be executed on race night.  Leading the Sundown Marathon trainees on a 13km (Half Marathoners) and 20km (Full Marathoners) through segments of the Sundown race route next weekend, spirits rang high throughout the run in cooling and windy weather.

This tapering run at Optimal Pace will prime all NightHawks and Pacers into race day readiness without too much fatigue and stress.  All race day gear and plans (Pacing, Hydration, Fueling) were put into final checks to catch any last minute issues and reconcile them in the remaining days left to the race.

With the full training effects and conditioning over the past 3 months of buildup and progressive long runs both in the night and day, the running economy and efficient pacing abilities shone through in all the Sundown Pacers and trainees.  The abilities to manage effort and optimal pacing strategies will put them in good stead for a good showing on race night.

The Team FatBird trainers were pleased with the progress these NightHawks have made over these training period, including successful simulators done during the Sundown Marathon lead up runs.

We are confident of the NightHawks’ and Sundown Marathon Pacers’ readiness condition for Sundown Marathon 2018, and would like to wish all of them a highly successful and fruitful performance on May 19.


The Sundown Marathon Pacers & NightHawks At Redcon 1


Photos By FatBirds Chin, Rand


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