After an intensive round of selection trials, 15 weeks of structured intensive pace and night training, coupled with leading 3 Sundown Lead-Up Runs and guiding the NightHawks who were training for Sundown Marathon – The Sundown Marathon 2018 Official Pacer Team were at their highest state of readiness on May 19.

Armed with a pace plan and pace group strategy to bring as many Sundowners to their target finish times as possible, the Sundown Pacers gathered at the Pacers tent from 9pm to ensure their armoury were all well placed and in their finest condition.

The NightHawks who have put in a solid 12-weeks of structured marathon training with Team FatBird were also in tip-top condition for their respective personal best efforts, with many harbouring goals of Personal Bests (which is not that easy in a night marathon like Sundown).

The spirits were high as the Sundown Pacers received a final pre-mission briefing at 10:15pm before donning their Pace balloons and Timing Boards for group photos with the Sundown Runners.

At 11pm, the Half Marathon (HM) Pacers were ushered to take up position in their respective corral positions in waves (Wave 1-2:00h, Wave 2-2:15h, 2:30h, Wave 3-2:45h) for a 11:45pm start.  At 11.15pm, the various waves of runners formed up behind their respective Pacer groups.  The overall plan was to run a Marathon Pace (MP) for 3km before the front Pacers transition to a slightly faster Optimal Pace (OP) all the way to the finish.

The route for the HM is relatively flat and covered many of the areas (Tanjong Rhu, Sports Hub, Gardens By The Bay, East Coast Park) we have done during our training and lead-up runs.

It seemed that the pace plan was very well executed as all the HM Pace Groups returned within 1-2min of their target finish time.  Of significance were the many runners who kept up the good pace with all the groups.  From the many happy faces of the ‘Pacees’ after the race thanking and requesting photos with the Pacers, it was evident that the Sundown Pacer mission was a huge success with many beneficiaries getting their intended results.

With the lead and guidance of the Pacers, the HM NightHawks did very well in their night marathon quests, with a large number of Personal Bests in all the categories ranging from 2h through to 2:45h.

While the HM Pacers were in the thick of action, the Full Marathon Pacers were ushered into their respective corals (Wave 1-4:00h, Wave 2-4:30h, 5:00h, Wave 3-5:30h) for their 1:00am commencement.  With the challenges of the longer distance of the Full Marathon, the Pacers have been working overtime to ensure that they are able to start conservatively at Marathon Pace for the first 5km before transitioning to Optimal Pace – to ensure that as many of the Sundown Full Marathoners can build up a good momentum for a sustained strong finish.

With the approaching dawn, the live tracking app provided live results of all the Pacers and Runners on their race progress and if they have hit their respective check points in good paces.  The Full Marathon Pacers were registering consistent pacing according to their respective pacing plans, and the final results by 6.30am showed that they have delivered successfully many of the Sundown Full Marathoners to their Personal Bests and Target times.

The various pace groups worked as well-oiled teams and returned triumphantly with much appreciation from those who have benefitted in more ways than one from their professionally executed pace missions across all pace timing groups.

Not to be outdone by the sterling performances of Sundown Marathon Pacers, the NightHawks showed that they have trained and raced smart when many of them returned with Personal Bests and solid performances in both the Half and Full Marathon categories.  For some, it was valuable race experiences garnered of a night marathon, while for others, it was sweet accountability to what they have set out to achieve 12 weeks ago.

There were many satisfied and happy NightHawks and Sundown Marathon Pacers at the Pacers tent after their respective races.  Below are just some of the comments picked up in social media:

“Despite the 11:45PM start, really enjoyed the Sundown Half Marathon. Big thanks to the inspiring Pacers and Team Fatbird trainers and trainees!”
– Clodagh Wylie, NightHawk Trainee

“Thank you Teamfatbird @ for meeting each week, no matter how cold, rainy or dark. For the accompanying distance with laughter and the post run drinks and bananas. And to the pacers for chasing us around and keeping us moving forward !”
– Julie Lim, NightHawk Trainee

“Completed 42.195 km for Sundown Marathon 2018 at 4 hrs 51 mins. Thanks to Team FB trainers for their advice and guidance!”
– Lim Cheng Huang, NightHawk Trainee

“A rather tough race at Sundown half marathon. Grateful for the encouragement at the last stretch from the 2:00h pacers from team FatBird, especially Kevin Au Yong. You guys rock!!”
– Paul Ong, NightHawk Trainee

“Overall, very happy with my result (at Sundown Marathon 2018).  Thanks to Team FatBird and the continuous motivation from all the members that I managed to go so far. Never crossed my mind that I can clock this timing… Well..this is just the beginning..more hard core training needed in the next few weeks before the next major Marathon. I hope to be able to keep the same spirit and energy till then.
– Jessie Fung, NightHawk Trainee

“The sub 4 hour pacer got me through last night! Would have given up and walked without him!”
– Chris Timms, Sub-4h Sundown finisher

“Osim Sundown Marathon 2018 4:30hr pacing mission accomplished!  KUDOS to my team of 4.30hr pacers! Thank you for a job well done. Great cooperation! Awesome teamwork! Good job everyone!   Thank you Team FatBird for the opportunity of yet another memorable pacing experience.”
– Jacqueline Tan, Sundown Marathon Pace Group Leader

“Being a first time pacer had so much things to learn. It’s no longer about PB but leading others to the finishing line is a satisfying experience in itself. The amount of thanks and handshakes from other runners after the race are truly beyond words.”
– Clifford Tan, Sundown Marathon Pacer

“It was MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for all Team FatBird pacing groups at the OSIM Sundown Marathon Singapore 2018!  A big thank you to the runners for allowing us to help you ace your race! Congratulations to everyone for completing and to those who have achieved your personal bests in this race!”
– Aloysius Koh, Sundown Marathon Pace Group Leader


Sundown Marathon 2018 will be remembered as one with smooth organization and operation.  From race registration to REPC, to race pack goodies and finisher medals, to a solid race night experience to live tracking and immediate race results, everything was executed with precision and care to ensure one of the smoothest marathon race experiences we have had in the local marathon scene.

The Sundown Marathon organizers should be rightfully commended for taking the lessons of Sundown 2017 and fine-tuning it to be a remarkable race experience for Sundown Marathon 2018.

” Thanks to you and your awesome team too (for our successful execution of Sundown Marathon 2018), Team FatBird are integral to our success!”
– Adrian Mok, HiVelocity MD and Sundown Marathon Race Organizer

Team FatBird would like to express our heartfelt thanks to HiVelocity and all Sundown Marathon Organizing Committee, Sponsors and Partners for giving us the opportunity and support to be involved as Sundown Marathon Pacers in the outstanding success of Sundown Marathon 2018!

With the successful missions accomplished of both the NightHawks (Sundown Marathon trainees) and the Sundown Marathon Pacer Team, we will take valuable lessons gleaned from this experience and feedback and ride the momentum for our next training programs and implementation of an even better Sundown Marathon 2019 Pacer Team.


Sundown Marathon 2018 – Mission Accomplished!


Photo Credits: Sundown Official Photographers, CK Chin, Ming Ham, Rand, Katherine



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