As part of preparations for Sundown Marathon 2018, Sundown Organizers have tasked Team FatBird to organize a series of 3 lead up (training) runs led by the Official Sundown Marathon Pacers to help Sundown Marathoners with training and pacing for a good run on race night.

There was a good turnout for the first lead up run session of 12km for Half Marathoners and 22km for Full Marathoners @ Rhu Cross (Below Sheares’ Bridge) on Sunday morning.  The team from HiVelocity, Pocari Sweat and Sundown Pacers were out in full force on site to support the 100+ enthusiastic runners who sacrificed their Sunday morning sleep-in for some serious buildup training towards their Sundown Marathon targets.

After registrations, the participants were allotted their respective Pace groupings to meet their respective Pacers.  Team FatBird conducted the training and route briefing before the Sundown Pace Group Leaders led the participants on a 10minute dynamic stretching and running drills to activate the important running muscles.

The participants were raring to go after the good warm-up session.  They were flagged off in groups with their respective Pacers to the whistles of encouragement by the Organizers.  As they approached ECP via the Gardens connector, they were mindful of the training objective of this lead up run – a faster-finish long run starting at Basebuild Pace (Marathon Pace+20s) for the first half of the distance, and transitioning to Marathon Pace (MP) on the return to the finish.

The different Pace Groups of Half Marathon (2:00h, 2:15h, 2:30h, 2:45h) and Full Marathon (4:00h, 4:30h, 5:00h, 5:30h) were running in unified formation led by the Sundown Pacers.  There was a hive of energy and an air of confidence in their running, all looking very strong indeed.

As they passed the 2 intermediate hydration points with Pocari Sweat isotonic and water, the runners took the opportunities to re-hydrate and replenish electrolytes while taking very little stoppage time in order to maintain their target paces.  All the pace groups did well to keep to their respective tight-knit formations as the HM participants turned back for the finish at the 6km mark (C4 Shelter).

The FM participants continued on towards PA Campsite (22km U-Turn).  On the U-turn, all the pace groups shifted into higher gear and transitioned into a faster pace (Marathon Pace) and maintained their effort and paces all the way to the end point.

The Lead Up Run participants were duly rewarded with Pocari Sweat drinks and bananas upon completion to replenish their electrolytes and some carbs and protein to kickstart the recovery process.  Special Sundown towels were also given to runners to soak up their perspiration of a good workout.  The 10min static stretch conducted by Pacer Trainer Beverly for all participants was enjoyed with a sense of satisfaction.

A short debrief along with some tips of pre-race and post-race nutrition, marathon training buildup was conducted by Team FatBird trainers.

The session was completed with a Pocari Sweat lucky draw which had 3 lucky participants walking with interesting prizes.

All the participants and Sundown Pacers will now look forward to the second Lead Up Run on 31 March @ Sports Hub.  It will be a night run covering another part of the Sundown Marathon route to better condition and prepare Sundown Marathoners for the night race.  Those who have registered for the Sundown Marathon and are keen to leverage on the lead up run training sessions can get more information and registration HERE!

Photos from FatBirds Therese, Rand


Operation NightHawk Night Marathon Training System

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