The Sunbirds were glad to do their final training run at the finish point of this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon SIngapore (SCMS).  A fitting finale to the 12 weeks of marathon training which saw the trainees progressed through building a good foundation and growing from strength.


Next Sunday at about this time, the Sunbirds will join the approximately 50,000 participants in finishing their SCMS right in front of the National Art Gallery and Padang site.  They were joined this morning by the Sundown Marathon Pacers who were there to undergo selection trials for their Pacing mission in March 2017.


It was a full dress rehearsal of sorts for next weekend’s race, right down to being flagged off with Car Free Sunday participants at 8:00am to the sound of air horns and announcements from the MC.  After a good dynamic warmup conducted by the Sunbird Trainers, and moving to the beat of the blaring music, the runners were all pumped up to go alongside bikers and mobility vehicles along the 5km stretch of closed roads at Shenton Way.


The morning showers stopped in time to give way to cooling and windy conditions, so conducive for a finale prep run around the City Centre.  If next Sunday’s weather is to be similar, there will be many good performances and Personal Bests for sure.

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Runners were entertained throughout the journey with nice scenery, cheer leaders, and lots of music and street performances with enticing food stalls inside Telok Ayer.  It was refreshing for many of the trainees and Pacers who have not participated in the CFS before.


The roads were pretty clear as many of the bikers were late to arrive due to the earlier rain.  The runners and brisk walkers from some CCs were in good force, taking advantage of the cool morning to be engaged in healthy exercise.


The Sunbirds and Corporate trainees wrapped up their Optimal Pace run of 13km and 18km by 10am to end the training on a high note.  Armed with the confidence for a good race, Team FatBird and Ops Sunbird trainers will be looking forward to a string of good performances by the Sunbird and Corporate trainees.

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With the successful completion of Ops Sunbird marathon training for SCMS, Team FatBird will be taking a a short break before starting our next marathon training program, Ops NightHawk – 12-week structured night marathon training for OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017.


Ops Sunbird Wraps Up On A High!


Photos from FatBird MK, Chin, Steven