After 5 weeks of basebuilding, the Sunbirds arrive to Parkland Green, ECP for the start of Pace training in Week #6.  The haze was kept at bay for most of the morning, allowing us yet another opportunity to get our much needed long pace run in.

Because of the Newton Challenge the following day, there were less Sunbirds as many were resting for a good Newton race.  Still, for the many of us who are training for SCMS, we welcomed the clearer air with glee.

The route briefing was short as we wanted to get down to start running before the haze turned against us.  The first part of the run was a tad faster than Marathon Pace (MP), mainly due to pent-up energy levels in the run-deprived Sunbirds.

It was rather cloudy as we ran into Gardens By The Bay, but the psi was mostly at the 100 levels and the air did not feel that bad.  Still, a few of us were cautious in our breathing, although it could be more mental than physical effects we were experiencing.

The Half Marathon (HM) Sunbirds turned back at the Helix Bridge, whilst the Full Marathon (FM) participants proceeded on to the Marina Promontory before looping back to run back to Parkland Green.

The OSAKA-bound marathoners completed a shorter 16km run, along with the HM Sunbirds as they are tapering for OSAKA Marathon next weekend.  Those who were to do Newton Challenge also did a shorter run just to keep the engines warm for a good race on Sunday.

A handful, mainly in Groups 1 and 2, with a few more from Group 3, went on farther to F2 and PA Campsite before turning back for 30km and 28km respectively.  Marathon Pace or slightly faster was maintained by most groups, testimony to the foundation and base of the trainees who have strengthened over the past few training sessions.

There weren’t the usual large groups of runners at ECP, mainly due to the haze bordering on moderate levels, and possibly trending upwards by late morning.  That allowed us more free range of access along the pathways, making pace running a lot more smoother.

All Sunbirds with their Group trainers and pacers returned by 10:45am, allowing us to finish training on a positive note and well within regulation time.  Many of us were pleased to be able to get our pace training run in, and were already looking forward to the following weekend’s run at Sports Hub.

Photos & Collages by FatBird Ronnie