Team FatBird: Operation Sunbird

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is Operation Sunbird?

Operation Sunbird is a 12-week marathon training program for runners doing the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCMS) and other year end international marathons (Chicago, New York, Berlin, Seoul, ChunCheon, OSAKA).

Can I tap on Ops Sunbird to help me prepare for other marathon races?
Ops Sunbird training cycle is geared towards towards preparations of marathons in Nov/Dec.  You may also leverage upon Ops Sunbird training for the following overseas marathons, subject to availability of training slots:

– New York/Chicago/Berlin Marathons (Oct/Nov)

– ChunCheon/Jeju Korea Marathons (Oct/Nov)

– Bangkok International Marathon (Nov)

– Penang Bridge International Marathon (Nov)

– Macau International Marathon (Dec)

– Angkor Wat Half Marathon (Dec)

– Fubon Taipei International Marathon (Dec)

What is the training program for Operation Sunbird based on?

The training program is based on FlightZONESTM Training System, incorporating heart-rate measurements and progressive paced running, and complemented with PowerFLIGHTTM

Strength and Speed Training System. The sessions are conducted by a team of experienced Marathoners and Pacers.

Please refer to “Team FatBird’s FlightZONES Benefits Chart” under the Discussions tab in the Sunbird’s Nest for more information, accessible once you have successfully registered for the training program.

Where can the trainees get detailed information on training schedules and access to the coach/training crew?
The Sunbird’s Nest, a private training area in facebook has been set up to inform, update and share all training information. All registered trainees will be invited to join the Sunbird’s Nest on Facebook.
I have submitted my registration, but have yet to receive any reply. Am I accepted into the training program?
Successful applicants will receive an email confirming their training slot and payment details. Payment for training contributions have to be made within a week (7 days) of acceptance, otherwise the slot may be forfeited.
Payments made are not refundable once the training has begun.
I am unable to commit to the entire Sunbird Program. Can I just participate in some of the training sessions?

There is a drop-in fee of $25/session if you wish to just come for a few selected sessions. 

Sign up for the number of sessions you can attend along with the advised payment.  

Write in to with your selected dates, and we will send you the training details. 

Drop-in participants will not be able to qualify for program entitlements, but will still have access to training, refreshments, and available team sales/discounts.

Is it compulsory for me to attend all training sessions? What if I cannot attend some of them?
The training schedule serves as a guide for your training. However, while it is not compulsory to attend all training sessions, you are encouraged to attend as many training sessions as possible to gain maximum benefits out of Operation Sunbird. 
When and where are the weekday/weekend runs held? What time do the runs start?
Please refer to Training Schedule  for more information on the dates for weekend runs.

The training are mainly conducted at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Mt. Faber and East Coast Park areas.

Detailed weekly schedules will be provided once you are enrolled.

I may not be able to attend some of the weekday training sessions. Will it affect my attendance record?
Weekday training runs are optional. 

The 3 weekday runs are planned for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

They may be done at your own time and venue if you are unable to make it to the designated weekday training runs.

Is there baggage deposit area at the meeting point?

There will be public lockers at most of the training sites for trainees to store their belongings, however please refrain from storing valuables.

Team FatBird will not be responsible for any loss or damaged items

Are drinks / refreshments provided?

Post-training drinks/refreshments are provided at the meeting point.

There will not be drinks / refreshments stations provided along the running route, therefore bring your own hydration for the duration of the run.

Where do I find the route map for the run?

Route details will be provided along with training objectives and requirements in the private training area (Sunbird’s Nest) for every group workout session.

There will be a route briefing prior to the start of the run, and there will be Running Guides and marshals showing the route during the run.

I have signed up for some races which clash with the weekend Training Runs. How will it affect my training?
Trainees are allowed up to 2 races in place of weekend training runs. The race(s) will be treated as make-up for weekend training, and timings will be recorded accordingly in the Sunbird Training Attendance.
Will the training runs be cancelled due to bad weather, and will my attendance be recorded in such circumstances?
FatBird Training Runs are rarely cancelled.

The organizers will always be present at all FatBird Training Runs.

In the event of the run needing to be cancelled due to inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances, alert messages will be posted in The Nest (facebook) 1 to 2 hrs prior to the training run. In cases of heavy thunderstorms, training will still go on (with a revised program if necessary) when the rain subsides and there are no dangerous conditions like lightning or flooding. A final decision will be made on location 1hr after the scheduled start time to cancel or proceed.

Attendance for such training sessions will be waived, and made not compulsory. Trainees may do their own run following the program guidelines, and report their timings for record purposes.