It was a hot morning as a group of runners gathered at Parkland Green for the kickoff to Operation Sunbird 2016 – 12-week structured marathon training program for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) in December 2016.


New runners to Team FatBird joined in alongside long-time and experienced marathoners who have been training with Team FatBird for many operations in the past.  Many were in the Sunbird training program to do a good timing, possibly a Personal Best for the SCMS race.

A number were preparing for international marathons like OSAKA Marathon, Chicago Marathon, ChunCheon and Jeju Koea Marathons, Taipei Marathon and Chiangmai Marathon among the key races.


Yet a number more were in the program to lose weight through distance running.  Weight loss has been one of the very positive benefits for trainees in Team FatBird’s marathon training programs.

After a welcome address for all participants, a program briefing overview was conducted.  The 12-week comprehensive training will take the participants through 6-weeks of foundation and base building, with the second 6-weeks focused on marathon pace training to bring trainees to meet their SCMS race goals.


The Sunbird participants will be going through heart rate training with weekly schedules of runs comprising tempos, recovery, speed, hills, recovery as well as cross-training.  Tips and advisory on building aerobic base, speed endurance, hydration and nutrition planning, rest and injury avoidance, good running form, adaptation to training, tapering and race day preparations are dispensed weekly.

The kickoff long steady run of 12km for the Half Marathon runners and 21km for the Full Marathoners were led by experienced trainers and marathon pacers from Team FatBird.  The heat on this sunny morning provided the opportunity for some ‘conditioning’ for the trainees.  The actual SCMS race have been in hot conditions for the past few years.


All Sunbird trainees were placed into respective training groups according to their targeted pace and ability.  Each group in both the Half and Full Marathon are led by trainers and pacers.  Different training groups will have different strategies and tactics to accomplish their objectives.  For example, a run-walk plan is used for groups going for 5:30h marathon finish times and beyond.


The entire session was completed in 150min with all trainees accomplishing their training objectives.  Feedback from trainees was they enjoyed thoroughly the training.  Norman mentioned that his fears of not being able to keep up were laid to rest with the helpful trainers.  Ben who was supposed to run only 12km continued on to complete his longest distance ever – 21km, and at a fast pace to boot.  He was extremely satisfied and happy he joined the program.


Sunbird SCMS 2016 Marathon Training Week #1

The whole atmosphere was very positive, and the debrief was conducted to share more insights into how such structured marathon training programs will bring beginners and experienced marathoners to their goal timings.  Our experienced and knowledgeable FatBird trainers were happy to share their insights and advice with the Sunbirds in a conducive learning environment.  The Sunbirds are a lot more confident after this first session that they will meet their objectives.  Patience and following the structured system of training will be key to the Sunbird’s success.


If you too are preparing for the SCMS and other year end marathon races, you are encouraged to sign up for Sunbird Marathon Training to benefit from structured group training led by qualified and experienced marathon trainers.

Training Program details and registration HERE!


Team FatBird also has a Corporate Run & Marathon Training Program to prepare employees of companies and institutions for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS).  Write to OR Check Out Program Details Here!

Week #2 of Sunbird training will see the participants go through trails and slopes at MacRitchie Reservoir Park.  The foundation and base building continues.

Photos from FatBird Rand