The World Water Day (WWD) is an initiative that grew out of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) and held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of water and advocating for the sustainable management of water resources.

The Singapore World Water Day was held in conjunction, with activities by community partners across different Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) sites islandwide on March 24. These activities were aimed at bringing people closer to the waters, to inspire them to do their part to conserve and value water.

This year, Team FatBird had the honour of being invited to participate in this important event as a representative partner from the running community in Singapore.  This is the first time the event was having a running group, along with many other partners and special interest groups like cycling, kayaking, Tai-Chi, Brisk-walkers and various sports groups, schools and communities participating.
80+ FatBirds showed up bright and early on a Saturday morning at the FatBird Statue just below UOB Plaza @ Raffles Place.  After we picked up our WWD visors, we were joined in by a special guest, Permanent Secretary, Environment & Water Resources, Mr. Desmond Kuek for the 6km run-in to Marina Barrage for the WWD Celebrations and Ceremony.  Mr. Kwek, himself an avid and fast runner, was with the leading pack Group 1 at an average pace of 6min/km and on occasion dipping closer to 5:30min/km.  Groups 2 and 3, each comprising about 30 runners were also moving in unison with designated stops for group photos.

The first stop was at the Helix Bridge where we did some FatBird shouts and jumps, to the amusement of the new runners and guests who joined us for the very first time.  After that warm-up session, we ran along Marina Bay Sands, and then into Marina South, skirting alongside the yet-to-be-completed Gardens By The Bay.  It was great fun running and chatting, as well as admiring the scenery and greenery along the way, with all the runners and guests having such a great time.

It was not long after that we finally reached Marina Barrage, met up and chatted with more VIPs who were there earlier for other WWD activities, before running up the slope to the roof garden of Marina Barrage.  We had a nice group photo with Mr. Desmond Kuek and his team, before proceeding down for drinks and meeting up with the other FatBird groups coming in. 

Singapore World Water Day Ceremony: Video Credit, Susie Lim

Time passed quickly when we were having so much fun… soon we were called upon to standby for the WWD ceremony, led by Singapore’s President, Dr. Tony Tan and Minister Of Environment & Water Resources, Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, Mr. Desmond Kuek and many other VIPs.  Team FatBird had the honour to be invited on stage to be part of the ceremony of pouring water in a symbolic gesture of having Clean Waters flowing.  Following that, there was a video of the morning’s proceedings played out on the large screen, and when the snippet of TFB showed, there were loud cheers and encouragement for the team.


The respective partners were given Plaques Of Appreciation, with Team FatBird receving ours from the Minister to loud applause from our very supportive and enthusiastic Team FatBird Runners.  Right after that, the team made our way back to UOB Plaza to meet with the Minister for the River Cleanup operation.

Some of the tired FatBirds took the bus shuttle, while the rest ran 6km back to UOB Plaza.  There we ended the run with the collection of Goodie Pails (a pail containing a towel and water bottle), and met up with other groups who were all waiting for the arrival of the Minister.

FatBirds with Minister Vivian B. – Photo Credit, PUB 

Minister Vivian B. arrived shortly to loud cheers and applause, with lots of exchanges with the supportive crowd.  Team FatBird had some great group photos with the Minister and VIPs, before rounding up the event with cheers to a very good run for a meaningful cause.  We would like to thank the PUB management for organizing such a great event, and having Team FatBird be an integral part of the World Water Day Celebrations.  We look forward to be back for Singapore World Water Day 2013.

Lots of Photos were taken were taken by our fantastic group of FatBird photographers and contributors, with the following albums for your viewing pleasure and fond memories of The Singapore World Water Day 2012:

CK Chin (Album 1)
CK Chin (Album 2)
AC Leong
Susie Lim
Tan Kim Lai
Tan Tick Hock