The Sunbirds were joined by the Corporate SCMS training group which started their first session in their 8-week Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) Training Program.


The threatening weather pre-dawn did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the trainees, both new and experienced.  Many were in fact looking forward to tackle the trail slopes which they had missed in an earlier training session at MacRitchie Reservoir (MR).


The Sunbirds who were into their 5th week of training have already built up good enough pace to bring them through the challenging terrain of MR.  This was the final week of base building for them as they advance a notch up next week to longer distances at Marathon Pace (MP) in week 6.


The Sunbirds had their separate briefing and training, while the Corporate SCMS trainees had their welcome and induction into the Corporate SCMS 8-Week Program nearby.  A new team of training crew came in to support the Corporate trainees and help ease them into their respective training groups.


The training took both groups through the MR Northern and Venus trails slopes, and along the challenging portions of Peirce Reservoir.  The group of beginners from the Corporate groups were having a fun time experiencing trail running at MR for the first time,  while the more experienced runners were kept on their toes with the steady BaseBuild pace set by their respective trainers.


Although quite a few trainees of the 10k training group had never run more than 3km at a go, they managed with the help of the dedicated FatBird trainers to complete the challenging 4km distance at this first session.  The Half Marathon groups managed very well with their 12-14km run through the trails and slopes and came back happy they have ran their furthest in a long time.  Confidence levels among the Corporate trainees were definitely boosted with this first training session with Team FatBird.

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The small number of Full Marathon Corporate trainees also did well to complete their longest run of 21km at BaseBuild pace, led by experienced FatBird Marathoners.  The Corporate trainees completed their maiden mission by 9:00am.  A stretch down by the Corporate trainers were conducted for the 10k groups.  Separate debriefs were conducted to get feedback, answer training related questions, as well as getting to know one another better for our continuing marathon training journey towards race day.


With the first session being at the challenging terrain of MR, the Corporate SCMS trainees will be glad to know that we will be at ECP next week on very flat terrain.  We hope to see more trainees  return in Week #2, and looking forward to have those who missed the first session join us for next weekend’s Corporate Training.


A quick check with the main Sunbird group showed that they completed their targeted 16km and 26-28km in fine form.  The cool morning weather did help to ease off some of the challenges of the trails and reservoir slopes.  A majority managed to break into their Marathon Pace, which will set the momentum for them to advance to Phase 2 of training in Week #6.


Overall, it was a fruitful and encouraging start for the Corporate SCMS Training Groups and good completion of Phase 1 for the main Sunbird Training Group.  With 7 weeks to go before race day, things are building up nicely for all our SCMS training groups.  We are on track for yet another good performance at SCMS 2016.

Photos By FatBirds Steven, Chris

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