Hello FatBird Runners, 

Have we got  some power and fat-burning workouts  for you in 2013!

Team FatBird is pleased to bring you Program PowerFLIGHT 
– a specially-designed 10-week Speed & Strength Training Program to help you:
1. Build cardio and leg strength,
2. Improve speed and performance from 5km-42km
3. Tune-Up for races
4. Weight Loss/Management
5. Regular run maintenance
WHY:    Whether you are training  and tuning up for a race or just  to maintain a desired weight with specific running workouts,  Program PowerFLIGHT will surely be something to have in your  roadmap for successful running and fitness maintenance.

WHAT: The speed and weight management Program integrates the core components of Hills, Intervals, Tempos, Fartleks and Strides to bring you optimum results

WHEN: Wednesdays 7pm-9pm (Repeats, Intervals, Fartleks)
            Weekends (Sat/Sun) 7am-9am (Tempos, Hills)
Training Period: Jan-Mar 2013

WHERE: Stadium Track, Mt. Faber Hills/Parks, City Parks, MacRitchie Reservoir Trails

 Training Fees based on usage (see Fee Schedule below)

REGISTRATION: https://bit.ly/QsdbrY

Fee Schedule:
20-sessions Package – $150
10-sessions Package – $80
5-sessions Package – $50
Per Session/Walk-In @ $13

Training Period: Jan-Mar 2013, ongoing every Wed, Sat