On May 27, 0030hrs, you will be accompanied by the Official Sundown Marathon Pacers who will provide the steady, optimal paces and guidance for you to hit your target finish times.  There will be 4-5 pacers in each pace timing group for Half Marathon (2:00h, 2:15h, 2:30h) and Full Marathon (4:00h, 4:30h, 5:00h, 5:30h and 6:00h).

Who are these Sundown Pacers and how will they help you achieve you goal of Beating The Sunrise in  your desired completion times.

Presenting…The Sundown Marathon Pacers 2012

Here’s a chat with some of this year’s Sundown Pacers, where they share the reasons why they have become Pacers, the training journey and the preparations they have made to be ready for Race Night.

What inspired them to be Marathon Pacers and what attributes would make a good Sundown Marathon Pacer?

Why Be A Marathon Pacer (c) Official Sundown Marathon Singapore

Race Night Tips: What plans and positioning will the Pacers adopt on race night, and how do the Sundown runners identify and follow the respective Pace Groups?

Is there a meeting point on Race Night to meet with the Pacers?
There is a Sundown Pacers & Runners Meet-Up on May 26, 10:30pm at the Sundown Pacers booth (near to the main stage).  Runners will collect your Pace Bands (with timing splits) and light sticks and have group photos with the Pacers.  The Sundown Pacers will walk to the start line with their respective pace group runners and line up in the respective timing pens.