The PowerFLIGHT team joined the CarFreeSundaySG’s closed roads along Shenton Way for their weekend workout of Tempo Intervals.

With a 5km+ stretch of closed roads from the National Art Gallery all the way along Esplanade Drive, Robinson Road, Maxwell Road, Amoy Street, Fullerton Road, the loop route offered a good workout comprising of 4-5km repeats.

The i-Run team was also on hand to conduct the 3-7km running workout for public runners with the support of iced-cold drinks and baggage watch support from Health Promotion Board.

After a group warm up of Dynamic ‘looseners’ and activation drills conducted by FatBird trainers, the PowerFLIGHT participants started their 5km loops at Marathon Pace (MP) and 80% intensity with no traffic to contend with. Rest intervals of 2-3min in between repeats offered the opportunity for a quick drink and HR recovery to enable the runners to sustain their target paces.

Together with the CFS iRunners, FatBird Runners, the PowerFLIGHT executed the workouts in great weather and with solid pacing.  The drinks/refreshments support provided the runners with much satisfaction and energy boosts each time they complete their 5km loop, allowing the whole workout to complete on target by 9:30am.

After a round of static stretching conducted by FatBird trainers, the participants went for the ice-cream and Milo treats that provided a good post-run replenishment of carbs, protein and essential salts.

It was yet another successful CarFreeSundaySG from the organizer URA, which offered the PowerFLIGHT training an unique experience of running on the closed roads of Shenton Way, which only happens at the yearly Singapore Marathon (an even then, not so many roads along the CBD area are closed).

The PowerFLIGHTers Rocked To The Tempo Of CarFreeSundaySG!


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