Program PowerFLIGHT, Team FatBird’s 12-week strength and speed training system kicked off last week with a weekday hills session and a weekend steady state tempo paced run workout.

The enthusiastic participants from returning beneficiaries in the first half of 2018 and new trainees for this second run of the effective PowerFLIGHT programme were warmly welcomed and eased into an easier first week, which will progressively get challenging as the foundation of the PowerFLIGHTers are strengthened.

The Hills Repeats session introduced trainees to proper running techniques and form (upper body) with some basic run preparation drills.  Trainers in respective training groups (according to ability and targets of participants) guided the trainees with useful advise and reinforcement of good running form.

The weekend session focused the trainees on different training zones and effort with the correct pace for varying types of workouts in the structured training plan.  Development of running economy will be a key emphasis in the longer weekend run workouts while VO2Max and Lactate Threshold improvements will be of importance in the weekday workouts.

The first week of PowerFLIGHT II completed smoothly and we look forward to meeting more of the participants we we enter Week #2 of training with bouts of speedwork at the track and longer interval training sessions in the weekend.

PowerFLIGHT II Off To A Great Start!


Program PowerFLIGHT Speed & Strength Training System

Following on the success of PowerFLIGHT Program in January-March 2018, Team FatBird is happy to launch a second Program PowerFLIGHT II 2018 – our highly popular and effective 12-week structured strength and speed training program to up the ante on your training preparations for your upcoming 10km-marathon races (Army Half Marathon) and overseas marathons (Phuket, Sydney, Melbourne Marathon).

Team FatBird’s Program PowerFLIGHT Speed & Strength training will commence operations in June 2018. Runners and marathoners looking to up the ante on their speed and strength with enhanced performance are encouraged to sign up for PowerFLIGHT to benefit from structured group hills, track, intervals, high tempo training led by qualified and experienced Team FatBird marathon trainers.


Training Program details and registration HERE!


Team FatBird also has a Corporate Run & Marathon Training Program to prepare employees and running clubs of companies and institutions for local and international running races.  Write to OR Check Out Program Details Here!