With barely 3 weeks to AHM, the Program PowerFLIGHT  trainees are peaking well with more intensive workouts after a strong base of strength and speed has been established.

The speedwork of VO2Max and Tempo intervals have honed the PowerFLIGHTers’ sense of pacing and endurance for fast running.  This will serve to enhance their aerobic strength which will allow them to sustain goal pace through the whole HM distance.

Regular sessions of strides have been incorporated into their long run workouts to give those faster-twitch muscles a workout as well as gearing up their range of motion and good running form.

The long hills runs and repetitions have been thoroughly enjoyed by the PowerFLIGHTers.  A good thing as those hillswork with strengthen their running legs and establish better running form, going towards enhancing their racing speed for race day.

A few trail sessions have been injected into the comprehensive training program to strengthen the ankles and feet of the runners, as well as heightened their sense of balance, agility and mobility in uneven terrain.  When it comes time to race on the roads, the PowerFLIGHTers will be able to manage faster running speeds on a strong and stable platform.

The weekday workout had the trainees traversing the delicate winding hills up to Kent Ridge for 1km hills repetitions.  Much improvements could be observed in the strength and endurance in the PowerFLIGHTers as they tackled the challenging workout with good effort and sustainability.

With 3/4 of PowerFLIGHT training completed, the PowerFLIGHTers are certainly doing much better in all running departments at the track, hills and roads.

As we hone in on the final preparations in the next few weeks with more targeted workouts to sharpen their race readiness, the trainers are quietly confident that the PowerFLIGHTers will do very well at the AHM 2018.  The main consideration is to have planned rest and recovery to avoid any unwanted injuries cropping up at this crucial period.

We will be back to the track for interval training followed by a weekend of Long Tempo Run in week #10.


The PowerFLIGHTers are peaking strong!


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