It was a challenging but rewarding 12-15 weeks of structured marathon training for the Sundown Marathon Pacers and Operation NightHawk marathon trainees.  On 26 March morning, all of them were at the start-line of the Sundown Marathon to put what they have arduously prepared for to the final test.  And they flew the night to beat the sunrise with flying colours!

Both the Full and Half Marathon Sundown routes this year was challenging mainly due to the meandering course along with a steep hill at the 18km (HM) and 37km (FM) segment to test the resolve of the tiring marathoners towards the tail end of the race.

Our Sundown Pacers rose to the occasion with their careful herding of the Sundown Runners through the course, setting the pace and providing encouragement to following participants a dependable guide to attain their target race timings.

The Pacers were able to react to ground terrain and conditions, even route adjustments for the 5:30h and 6:00h Pace Groups, to smooth-en and provide an enjoyable and fruitful race for the NightHawks and Sundown pacees.

The Sundown Pacers were duly recognized and rewarded for their commitment and efforts with words of appreciation from Sundown Runners and Race Organizer.

“Kudos to our pacers from Team FatBird for a job well done!” from Sundown Organizer’s Facebook.

Doug Irvine’s facebook mention – “Thank you to the 2Hr 1/2 Marathon pacers, you were fantastic. Thanks for the extra push up the hill at the 20km mark.”

Henry Heng exclaimed – “You guys were mine motivator at the last 4km to finish at sub 5 hours! Cheers!!!”

Sharon Ong, 6:00h Pacer – “Mission accomplished. 12 weeks of pacer training ended with a high note. Thanks to Team FatBird for the wonderful experience, my teammates, especially Gary for the encouragement.”

It was not only the Marathon Pacers that delivered.  The Ops NightHawk marathon trainees brought their training fruits to bear with sterling performances at this year’s more challenging Sundown Marathon race course.  The respective NightHawk trainees kept to their race plan and what they have tried and tested during training to conquer the course and night racing challenges with commendable performances.

From Lybea Lau, a 5:30h group trainee – “A big thank you to Operation Nighthawk @ Team Fatbird for leading the 12 weeks training and the weekly Irun program that help me keep to the routine & discipline in the preparation for the FM besides the regular running and fitness regime. Thank you for all your guidance, precious tips and advice. Truly Fatbird is the best and offering a very professional and structured program to help amateur runners in preparation for the running journey & achieve individual objective!”

Fong Kah Seng from the 5:00h training group mentioned – “Improved by 1 hour 15 mins – thanks to Operation NightHawk (Team FatBird). The night runs do help train the body clock.”

In spite of the initial hiccups at the Sundown Race Pack Collection due to ordered printers not arriving on time, the Sundown Organizer gave their full effort to deliver what was a well organized and supported race experience to all Sundown Runners.

The following were some captured facebook posts of appreciation from Sundown Runners:

Rochelle De Weirdt was happy – “Thank you Sundown! you did really well organise hydration point is keep flowing with water and 100plus drinks..running in that killer flyover is one of memorable for me yay! Most thankful to all the volunteers! You guys are Rock! ”

Teo Nam Siang –  “Shout out to all the volunteers whom cheered and lifted spirits despite being on duty for so long. Your jiayou and hi-fives did make a difference to the runners’ morale!”

Overall it was a good race experience and most importantly, a highly positive experience for our Sundown Marathon Pacers who were The #PulseOfTheTribe and NightHawk Runners who #BeatTheSunrise to #AceTheirRace.

You all are #Limitless!


We look forward to seeing all of you at our next training program to bring your running and marathon journey to greater heights!


NightHawks, NightHawks, You Have Emerged As A Night Marathoner!


Photo Compilation from FatBird Members

Photo Credits: Official Sundown Marathon, Running Shots, Wow2Wow Running




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