Operation Sunbird 2018 has progressed into the 2nd half of the structured training program with long tempo/cruise intervals of 28-30km at Marathon Pace.

With the BaseBuild phase of building a firm foundation, the Sunbird trainees were able to hit the training targets of their long run progression with good results.

Hydration and nutrition pre-training, in-training and post-training are the emphasis at this stage to get their race day fueling plans tested and sorted out.

The Sunbirds went through 2 hard sessions of cruise intervals at 28km (Mt. Faber) and 30km (Sports Hub) at Marathon Pace over the past 2 weekends.  These sessions served as progression to develop their aerobic and speed endurance for the Half and Marathon distances.

The purpose of these long runs were to condition the runners for the heat and humidity, as well as to delay fatigue leading to the onset of cramping and ‘hitting the wall’.  With the successful completion of the past 2 long runs, albeit with thresholds being breached at some point of the later stages of the workouts, the Sunbirds have come away with better understanding of their pace and efforts to manage a sustainable speed to be able to complete a marathon without breaking down.

The Sunbird trainers have played an instrumental role in all these weeks to guide and advise the trainees on their training requirements as well and provide tips and experiences on how to overcome the many challenges faced by marathoners hoping to complete strong and compete for performance targets.

With 5 weeks remaining to SCSM race day, the Sunbirds will go into their longest runs yet in the program for another 2-3 weeks before entering the Tapering phase.  Optimal Pace running will also be injected into the training as the Sunbirds fulfil their requirements for good paced running at Marathon Pace for 70-80% of their marathon (Half/Full) distances.

All runners training for SCSM18, NYC Marathon, OSAKA, Kyoto, Seoul, Taipei Marathons, including those looking to manage their weight and get into racing weight and shape are encouraged to join our tried and tested marathon training program.

The Sunbirds Progress Into The Intensity Phase!


Operation Sunbird 2018 – 12-Weeks Structured Marathon Program

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Team FatBird is happy to launch Operation Sunbird – our tried and tested 12-week FlightZONES structured training program to support your marathon training preparations for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) 2018 and other year end international marathons (Chicago, New York, Berlin, Seoul, ChunCheon, OSAKA).

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