With 3 weeks to The Standard Chartered Marathon 2018, The Sunbirds dawned on OCBC ARENA @ Sports Hub for their longest run workout of 22km for the Half Marathoners and 32-25km for the Full Marathoners.

Having prepared well for the past 10 weeks for this final phase of marathon training, the highly energized Sunbird trainees came prepared for this “Simulator” run which will determine their state of conditioning and readiness for race day.

The rain clouds were approaching fast as there was a larger assembly of ‘The Big Walk’ participants nearby waiting for updates of weather conditions to determine if their event was to go on.  Eventually it was called off after the heavy downpour erupted at 7.00am.

The Sunbirds were given a quick but definitive training briefing before setting off for the buildup with transition of pace through BaseBuild Pace (BP) to Marathon Pace (MP) to Optimal Pace (MP) for a fast finish long run.

As we ran past the Tanjong Rhu area, the rains started and got heavier as the respective groups braved the winds and pelting of water droplets.  Our engines got warmer as we ran on through Gardens East and onto East Coast Parkway.

There were many groups of runners and fitness buffs taking a respite from the heavy downpour at the ECP Shelters.  However, the cooling effects of the rain allowed The Sunbirds to break into Marathon Pace and continued on with strength towards their respective U-Turn targets.

Nutrition and Refueling plans with gels and electrolytes were put to practice by the trainees with good effects.  The sustained energy resources allowed our runners and trainers to maintain MP on the return leg of the run workout.

The rains mellowed down after 90min of running which was a welcomed sign for The Sunbirds to up the pace to OP for the final 10km of their run back.  They felt strong as they powered down the runway of ECP and Gardens back to OCBC Arena to finish their longest run workout on a high.

Many still found the strength to round up their mileage at a good pace.  With the HM Sunbirds completing 22km at their best pace, and the FM trainees completing 26km-33km (for many their personal longest run distance achieved), this training workout has definitely given all Sunbirds a solid confidence booster for SCSM on Dec 9.

As we enter the Tapering Phase from next week, the Sunbirds will be taking the good feelings of completing their longest run with strength to move into Optimal Pace training for good performances.  With immunity lowered and risks of injury after the higher mileages and challenging workouts of the past weeks, the important follow-on will be to perform good active recovery.  This will help to stave off any injuries and fatigue which can sabotage all these good effects of training and cripple any chances of achieving top form on race day.

The remaining 2 weekends of Race Tapering will oblige The Sunbirds to maintain their training intensities with a lowered mileage volume.  Adjustments and enhancements of the Simulator workouts will be fine-tuned for optimal race day performance.

The Sunbirds Received Showers Of Blessings In Their Longest Run!


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