Ops Sunbird 2018 wrapped up with a finale 18km run at Marathon Pace, setting the stage for the Sunbirds to have an optimal race at The Standard Chartered Marathon 2018 on 9 Dec.

The Sunbirds completed a good Tapering phase with 2 long run weekends of 28km and 18km Marathon Pace Fast-Finish Runs at  OCBC ARENA @ Sports Hub.

The weather for the past 2 weekends, starting out cool and running into more typical sunny temperatures provided good conditioning and acclimatization for the Sunbird marathoners for likely race day conditions.

The past 2 weekends also saw Sunbirds scoring marathon PBs in Osaka and Siem Reap Marathons, a good encouragement to all of us who are going into our SCSM race next weekend.

There were new runners joining in these 2 final training sessions in a bid to fine-tune and get themselves race ready at SCSM.  The routes of OCBC – Tanjong Rhu – Gardens By The Bay – Marina Promontory provided a mixture of race day locations and some slopes to give the Sunbirds as similar terrain conditions as possible.

Post-Training briefings on proper Tapering, Rest and Carb-Loading were emphasized at this final stage of race preparation.  Proper understanding of the race routes, aid stations and good execution of the hydration, fuel and pace plans were also touched on in detail to leave nothing to chances when standing at the start line next Sunday morning.

The final long run of 13km (HM) and 18km (FM) at Optimal Pace this Sunday morning wrapped up Operation Sunbird successfully.  A final check with all Sunbirds show that all are at Optimal fitness conditions, without any reports of injuries.

The coming week will see mileage cut by 50% and with workouts intensity remaining the same or slight less intensive,  This is the time to recover from all the fatigue of the many weeks of workouts and long runs.  Sleep, rest and recovery will take emphasis this week to ensure that all Sunbirds start the race in well rested and pristine condition, putting their chances of optimal results at the highest probability.

ALl Sunbird and Team FatBird Trainers are confident of The Sunbirds’ readiness for SCSM18.  We would like to wish all Sunbirds and FatBirds a successful and fruitful SCSM race with many Personal Bests and Optimal Race Timings on Dec 9.

The Sunbirds Are Primed For Success At SCSM18!


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