After a few weeks of increasing distances, Week #7 of Flight OSB13 saw a slight dip in mileage for the FM to 28km yet retaining the same intensity – but it was by no means an easier run compared with the 30km last weekend, no thanks to the heat of the blazing sun coupled with high humidity.

We managed to push the run off by 7am by keeping the briefings and photo sessions short so that the runners have a good shot at completing the longer distances earlier.  

The first 10km was pretty comfortable with paces slightly ahead of target race pace, mainly due to the ‘fresh legs’ effect.  It was nice to see the Sunbirds sticking close to the Trainers & Pacers as they take a more conservative stance in the beginning, sticking to pace plan.

By the time the groups hit F2 Car Park, the sun was already high and mighty, beating relentlessly on the faces and backs of the runners.  

Proper hydration was to be the order of the day in order to survive the heat.  The Sunbirds definitely came prepared with hydration belts and systems, all ready to top up at the various water stops along ECP.  

 Once we went into Changi Coastal Rd, there would be a 6km stretch without water – and with the heat of the morning, it would be a challenge to sail through that stretch without ample hydration.  

With the dependable trainers showing the way, it was a lot more bearable for the group to sustain the paces, although there were tendencies to stop whenever one did not have any company along the way.

Trainees were advised to cool themselves at the various toilet stops to prevent overheating, while others were told to hydrate and fuel up according to plans.  Because of the good base of the Sunbirds and their commitment to complete the distances, all the groups managed to return ahead of training max time in spite of the challenging morning.

There were satisfied looks on those who eventually completed, with more than a few claiming that it was a lot tougher than the 30km they did in slightly better weather and with some shade.  

It was a good experience for all, especially for the newer ones who were able to overcome their mental weaknesses to complete their respective runs in such challenging weather.

The reward was even sweeter when they received their bright Ops Sunbird training tee, which they could wear for future training sessions as a mark of their passing the mid-point of training.  A number of ladies were seen posing with their new tops, all happy they came down and completed yet another fulfilling activity on a hot Sunday morning.

The Sunbirds Are Stronger, They Are Going Longer!