Facebook Photos @ Ronnie GohCK Chin

With barely a month left to the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) on Dec 2, the Sunbirds took to the hills region of Mt. Faber and Labrador for their 30km pace LSD along rolling hills and undulating terrain.

After overnight rains, the morning was crisply cool as we headed towards Labrador Park for the 60min-90min hills repeats.  With the drive and motivation provided in group running, amidst lush forested landscape, the Sunbirds were able to overcome the hills challenge in good form with reserves for the remaining 8-10km finish.

Maxifuel was in full hydration support, providing electrolyte drinks which became the source of energy and something that the Sunbirds looked forward to when they complete each of the 2.2km figure-of-8 challenge.

The training was successfully completed by 11am back at the clubhouse, with a quick debrief as well as feedback from the trainee and trainers on the morning’s training.  All performed very well, even those who just got back from the Newton Challenge and Adidas KOTR last weekend.

We now look forward to the longest LSD next weekend, taking care to R.I.C.E. and watch carefully for niggling pains and discomfort, especially in the hamstrings and calves.  

The Sunbirds are looking very confident as we move towards the final 3 weeks of preparation, and if we are able to keep to our sustainable marathon paces over 28-30km, Dec 2 will see many PBs and celebration finishes from the Sunbirds – Follow Our Pace, Win Your Pace!