Facebook Photos from FatBirds Chin, Ronnie.

And there we were, after 11 weeks of intensive but progressive buildup of endurance and pace strength, with a journey through hills, slopes, trails, tarmac and park connectors with a flock of wonderful runners and trainers – The Sunbird Team.

This is where it all comes down to…a finale tapering LSD of 40% of the actual marathon distance at the Optimal Pace we have set out for our team.  Decked out in the Sunbird training and finisher tops, we were back at the FatBird Playground for “passing-out” photos and   catching up.

As the Sunbirds took their final LSD pre-race flight along the east coast parkway, there was an air of confidence in their strides and paces as they ran in their respective group formations led by the steady wings of the training crew.

It was a joy to see the Sunbird trainees, who have come quite a distance (no pun intended) in terms of building strong foundations and improvements to our abilities to tackle the marathon with confidence, with the know-how to complete the challenge within targets.

All the groups completed their run with well-controlled optimal paces, field-testing their race-day gear and equipment, including hydration and fuel plans which will be important to their ability to complete the mission objectives.

The flock gathered for a debrief and some final tips for race day, before going their separate paths in mini sections for their post-run meals.  Although there were a few trainees who were still nursing minor injuries, the team was 90% fit and at REDCON 2. The remaining few days of proper rest and nutrition will be key to rev up to REDCON 1 by race day.  The Sunbirds Are Race Ready – Follow Our Pace, Win Your Race!

A mini video journey of Flight Ops Sunbird 2012 (OSB12), credit FatBird Joe Tan