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As we progressed into the 3rd weekend of training, the NightHawks were beginning to feel some aches and soreness from the increasing distances.  We started the morning with a nice chat about the importance of R(est).I(ce).C(ompresssion).E(levation) and how it could help all of us recover faster and better sustain the increasing efforts required of the training plan.

The NightHawks were all eager to put some of their newly purchased shoes, compression gear, hydration belts to the test as we breach the 15km (HM) and the 25km (FM) distances.  In the end, due to some accounting abnormalities, the trainees completed 16km and 28km respectively – although no one really complained 🙂  It put us in good stead for this coming week’s Night Run into the city, something which all are looking forward with a tinge of excitement.

The various Pace Groups had pre-run briefings before being flagged off in waves.  The weather started to look up as we progressed towards Fort Road, exchanging greetings with other training groups and familiar faces as we crossed paths.  There was pretty good distribution of forces amongst the various groups this morning, with Group 1 having a nice turnout as well.

The groups were honing in their training paces (race base+15-30sec) as required, and all were staying tightly-knit for the first half the journey.  The weather remained relatively cool, and that helped us enjoy the run with chit-chats and laughter to jokes being cracked.  The HM NightHawks were steady throughout their full 16km, probably seeing only a slight decay in pace after the 12km mark.  The FM folks started to see some kind of strain on the cardio and legs only as they crossed the 20km mark.  Those with newly acquired compression tights were suitably impressed with what a week made to their ability to fend off tiredness in the legs.

Based on the post-run briefings and feedback, most of the NightHawks had good runs this morning, and most groups were able to keep within the band of target training zones.  With one quarter of training accomplished, we have built up a good sustained base of 15km-25km within BaseBuild zone.  This will set us in good condition as we move into the second quarter of training with increased distances, but with target paces maintained.

This coming weekend’s run will have us visiting the City, start/end and route of the Sundown Marathon, in what promises to be an interesting night of conditioning and familiarization, as well as running in a bigger bunch as the Lead-Up Runners join us.  Till then, let us have a well-deserved R.I.C.E. and set ourselves up for the continuing NightHawk journey ahead.