It was session 5 of Ops NightHawk, and this time, we were primed for some good hills training at the infamous Mt. Faber western hills region.  This training ground is quite new to many of the NightHawks and Sundown Marathon Pacers alike, and all were just raring to get out there to consume the hills and slopes.

After the briefings and group photos, we set off in the respective Pace Groups to hit Depot Road, Alexandra Road, before entering the quiet surroundings of Labrador Park.  In view of training objectives, we had a modified Figure-Of-8 version of the Labrador & Tunnels loops, covering all of 2km/loop.  The HM groups were given time to do 4 loops while the FM groups went for 6.  There were lots of encouragement and cheering for the NightHawks as we navigated round Labrador Park amidst some singing from presumably Church Groups for the Easter Day celebrations.

The slopes seemed that much more palatable as we chatted and laughed, and before we knew it, we had already done 3-4 loops.  At the end of each loop were always the Pace Group leaders and fellow groupies to support and encourage the NightHawks do their best to complete the given mission.

By the time we exited Labrador Park, most had done a respectable 13-15km of rolling hills, ready for some conditioning in the sun along the mountain foot of MF.  With the group dynamics and influence, many of the us found it plausible to keep going in spite of the tough terrain in sight.  The HM groupies were still running strong (none walking at all) through the final 3km up Telok Blangah Way.  By the time we reached back to the ClubHouse, we had done 20-25km worth of rolling slopes LSD.

Seeing the satisfied looks on the HM groupies’ faces, the FM decided to carry on to complete their 5-8km in spite of all the temptation to stop to rest in the shade and sip iced-cold Gatorade and recovery drinks.  Not wanting them to stop for too long, the FM Group Pacers summoned enough energy to usher their respective groups out back onto the slopes of Henderson or depot Road, keeping a steady pace to complete the final stretch for 28-30km mileage completion.

By 11:30pm, all groups completed their runs to great satisfaction.  Although we were tired, many of us still had sufficient reserves to go longer….we kept to the max time stipulation and will keep the extra reserves for the next progressive LSD.  It was evident that these NightHawks, after having gone through 5 weeks of solid basebuilding, are stronger and can go much longer than when they first started slightly over a month ago.  It is heartening to see their efforts and commitment to training paying off, translating into good progress and strengthening of their distance running capacities.

Photo Slideshow by AC Leong

The training ended well on time at 11:30am, after mini debrief sessions were held, and trainees getting their queries answered.  Overall, it was a very good foundation training for those that came, and as we enter into the final weekend of basebuilding, this time in the night, the NightHawk’s improved confidence levels will put them in good stead to set the stage for Pace Training in the second half of the 12-week training program.

NightHawks, NightHawks – Scored The TEST!
NightHawks, NightHawks – We’re The BEST!