Operation NightHawk 2018, Team FatBird’s 12-week structured night marathon training for Sundown Marathon got off to a smooth start with a night long run at the Sports Hub. There was a good mix of returning trainees as well as new participants joining in FatBird training for the very first time.  Together with the Sundown Pacers, the NightHawk trainees were brought though their HM and FM training at BaseBuild Pace with steadfast feet. The aim of Ops NightHawk to to build up a good foundation for the participants to do a very good timing at Sundown Marathon, focusing on improving the key pillar of running economy with Team FatBird’s flavour of progression long runs at BaseBuild, Marathon and Optimal Paces. In addition to building the speed endurance of the participants, weekly tips in various running topics like heart-rate training, running form, hydration and fuel planning, active rest and recovery will be dispensed to strengthen the marathoners’ arsenal of capabilities to perform at optimal levels. The short BaseBuild runs of 13km (HM) and 21km (FM) led by NightHawk trainers and Sundown Pacers were completed on target.  The first training ended with a debrief and guidance on the weekly mileage and parameters required for training to do optimal sub-4h, sub-4:30h, sub-5:00h marathons. In Week #2 of training, the NightHawks will be running the MacRitchie Reservoir route in the night, in their progress to building up a solid foundation of marathon mileage.  

When Dusk Comes, The NightHawks Emerge!

  Photos By FatBird Chin.  

Operation NightHawk Night Marathon Training System

Runners preparing for the Sundown Marathon and other marathon races (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, Boston, Taipei) in 2018 are encouraged to sign up for NightHawk Marathon Training to benefit from structured group training led by qualified and experienced Team FatBird marathon trainers.  

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  Team FatBird also has a Corporate Run & Marathon Training Program to prepare employees and running clubs of companies and institutions for local and international running races.  Write to info@teamfatbird.com OR Check Out Program Details Here!