It was a relatively smaller group of NightHawk trainees this Sunday morning, probably due to many of them still recovering from the recent bout of long runs and races, and some nursing injuries to one hundred percent ahead of Sundown on May 26/27.  However, the Sundown Pacers and NightHawk crew were almost in full force, decked out in their striking luminous-green race singlets, visors, timing bibs and pace bands for that final rehearsal.

There were lots of administration and distribution of NightHawk training tees and ‘finisher’ singlets, pace bands, interspersed with small group photos….much like a Pasar Malam before the actual Passing-Out-Parade (POP)…yes, once they have concluded the final run, they will be deemed as operationally-ready NightHawks and Sundown Pacers – ready to set the pace and win the race.

Ops NightHawk 2012 Race Day Armour
Sundown Marathon Pacers – Race Day Gear

A little more time was spent on race night briefing – the meet-up point, the assembly timings, the pace groups to follow, and overall race preparedness.  The distances of 13km (HM) and 18km (FM) at Optimal Pace was just the tapering LSD requirement for this morning, something ample to fine-tune race pace yet provide sufficient mileage to keep the optimized engines in good conditions.  

As it was a full-dress rehearsal, all the Pacers and NightHawk trainees don their race night armour, down to the hydration and fuel systems, caps, and even eyewear for night conditions.  The trainees were proudly wearing their hard-earned NightHawk finisher singlet, testing and conditioning them for race night.

We did a wave start since the groupings were smaller, also to facilitate and simulate race night conditions.  As expected, the trainees and Pacers were just executing their race plan, trying nothing new, but leaving nothing to chance.  The various timing groups were all honed comfortably onto Optimal pace, and the heat from the sun provided additional conditioning to what might be a humid early morning on May 27.  The whole session was completed by 10.30am, almost to clockwork on the time-table. 


A post-run briefing was conducted to confirm our Pace strategies and positioning for the night, and to coordinate meet-ups and assembly points as well.  The Sundown Pacers were also celebrating the successful conclusion of their 15-week journey of solid base-building and pace training, along with carrying out many interesting Sundown Ambassador duties and functions.  We are sure that the entire Sundown Ambassador team have benefitted loads from our involvement and association with the Sundown Marathon, and are delighted to have had this opportunity and responsibility bestowed upon us.  Sundown Marathon Pacers 2012 – Follow Our Pace to Win Your Race!

With the 12-week NightHawk program successfully wrapped up, it was heartening to see the progress and performance gains that the NightHawks have achieved…a number of them setting PBs and going on Podiums in the course of training.  Many of the NightHawks have also firmed and trimmed down to look like mean-flying machines with friendly smiles and outgoing demeanors.  The positive physical and mental changes were obvious in many of the trainees and Pacers, speaking volumes of the effectiveness of the 12 week program and their commitment and dedication to keeping up with training and pacing goals.  

Photo Slideshow @ AC LEONG
Photo Slideshow @ CK CHIN

We are confident that all who have gone though at least fifty percent of the program will have a good chance to Beat The Sunrise convincingly on May 17.  Operation NightHawk 2012 – When The Sun Does Down, The NightHawks Will Emerge….To LIGHT UP THE CITY!