After 2 weeks of bearing with the hazy conditions on the island and the pent-up energy from the lack of mileage, it was no wonder that there was a good turnout for our final training run before we depart for GCAM in a few days.

The weather looked threatening in the morning with lightning flashes and cloudy skies, but it turned out well enough for the Kookaburras to start our race-pace tapering run.  Many were decked out in their Kookaburra race singlets and race day gear for a final test-drive before packing them off for the big international marathon.

As the trainees took to the East Coast pathway highly charged, most were wearing happy and confident smiles, with the knowledge that they have put in their best effort for the whole training journey and are now in good form to do a solid race in Gold Coast.

There was a light drizzle along the way, and coupled with light, cool winds, the weather was just perfect for a ‘feel’ of what we might expect on actual race day, albeit with a lot less humidity.  It was nice to bump into many other running groups out training for upcoming races like the Bay Run/AHM or just simply having fun after the ‘moody’ patch with the haze in the past weeks.

All had a good 2 hour run in cool weather and cloudy skies, with just a couple of us getting caught in heavier rainfall at the tail end.  There was a quick debrief followed by lots of chatting and sharing among the Kookaburras, all getting excited for the GCAM trip.  The enthusiasm even rubbed off on those who are not going down under this year, but have pledged to go for GCAM 2014 after feeling the positive and encouraging vibes from the Kookaburras.

As we wrap up a successful 12-week Ops Kookaburra program, we wish all Kookaburras and Team Singapore a good race and fun-filled trip to Gold Coast.  Importantly, remember to enjoy the journey and Go For The Run, Stay For The Fun!

Run Kookaburra Run Kookaburra
Gold Our Race Will Be!

Photo Slideshow @ CK Chin