After spending the past 5 weeks building up a good foundation with hills, trails and trackwork in the east, west, north-east, the Kingfishers were all ready to have a crack at running the full 21.1km at target HM pace on parts of the actual race route.  

It was some sort of a full-dress rehearsal where the trainees all don their bright yellow race day tops, along with the running shoes and equipment of choice which would be used on the race morning of Sep 9.  Because of a number of races (Tri-Factor series, CSC Reservoir Run, Vertical Marathon) this morning, we could not have more of the Kingfishers to do the time-trials; but still we had a reasonable turnout with a few dropping by after their respective races for the post-run debrief and race-day meet-up instructions.

Each Kingfisher trainee were given 2 packs of Shotz gels and electrolytes, courtesy of the sponsor, for this trial and use on race morning.  As with a full ‘race simulation’,  we would want to try out all the equipment, nutrition and hydration to ensure smooth operations before using them for the race.  The 21km route was made more challenging this morning with the modifications of having it run the course in 3 loops, partly to avoid the crowd after Cable Ski area, and partly to provide a good intermediate hydration support.


We started off together as a team and soon settled into our respective pace groupings for 1:45h, 2:00h, 2:15h, 2:30h, 2:45h.  With the uniformed blue (training crew) and yellow (trainees) tops running together, it was rather easy to identify and pace along for most part of the course.   The first lap of 7.5km was covered in good time, after we had settled down into a sustainable average pace.  

With each passing of the start/hydration point, it became more ‘mental’ as there was a tendency to want to stop and have a longer rest that usual.  Still, many of the Kingfishers had sufficient resolve to complete lap 2 within target pace, and even had reserves to finish off the final and most challenging lap.  


A good portion of the Kingfishers finished 21-22km with the remaining doing at least 18km, all at target race pace; some slightly faster, others a tad below the line.  Many were happy to complete what was their longest, sustained pace run, with another week to tweak and make adjustments to their final race plan.

The gels were used to good effect for many, and as an encouragement, the Kingfishers were given another pack for use in their final test-run and race day.  The paces were kept sustainable with the help of the trainers and running guides,bringing the respective groups to completion of a successful time-trial.

We are happy to note that with 2 weeks to race day, 90% of the Kingfishers are ready to rock the Bay!  With the remaining week of training, we will hone in on their sustainable race speed, and those who have not had a good morning at the office are tasked to do a second trial run in ‘full-dress’ mode.  Running The Bay? Kingfishers Will Pave & Pace Their Way!

Picasa Photo Gallery @ CK Chin
Facebook Photos @ Kim Lai