In week 3 of Operation NightHawk 2019, Team FatBird’s 12-week structured night marathon training for Sundown Marathon progressed with base building with a long hills workout at the Mt. Faber training area.

The Mt. Faber hills with variations of long hills to hills repetitions and hills sprints, are great for building of strength and speed endurance for distance runners.

The NightHawks were given a brief of the training objectives and requirements at 7am, before setting off from SAFRA Mt. Faber Clubhouse in their respective training groups towards Mt. Faber hills.

Led by experienced FatBird trainers, the trainees built up with a warm-up from Zone 1 (FatTrim) to Zone 2 (BaseBuild) with a 5km run up to the Mt. Faber carpark for their 1.6km MF Repetitions of 2-5 loops.  The NightHawks took the opportunity to practice their uphill and downhill running form with guidance and tips given by their respective trainers.

The NightHawks did well to maintain pace and effort throughout the undulations and rolling hills so as to sustain the whole 130min of running at FlightZones (HR) Zone 2.

Many of them are progressing well with training and getting stronger with a developing aerobic base.  This aerobic base building will be important for the next phase of training where we will take them through speed endurance and honing in on sustained race paces.

The respective groups returned back to the MF Clubhouse by 9.45am, feeling satisfied and encouraged by their completion of this challenging long hills run.  As they did their static stretches, a debrief was conducted with advice dispensed for post-run rest and recovery for adaptations to training to take effect.

We will see the NightHawks next weekend for the final week of base building before moving on to the next phase of training – Speed & Strength Endurance.


The NightHawks Survived The Long Hills Challenge



Operation NightHawk Night Marathon Training System

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