It was a strong kickoff to Operation NightHawk 2019, Team FatBird’s 12-week structured night marathon training for Sundown Marathon.  A good mix of new trainees along with returning FatBirds gathered at the OCBC ARENA (where 70% of the training sessions will be started from) in fine weather for the night training session.

 A warm welcome was extended to the NightHawks followed by a briefing of the structure of the polarized training program.  Participants will be taken through the four phases of training (BaseBuild, Endurance, Sharpening, Taper) with a weekly series of 3 quality workouts and 1-3 sessions of easy running for recovery and aerobic development.


The quality workout sessions will comprise of 1 Speed (VO2Max)/Strength (Hills) session, 1 Tempo/Threshold session (Lactate Threshold) and the most important Long Run workout in the weekend (Sat night or Sunday morning) to develop running economy and race plan execution. 

 NightHawks will be doing their weekday workouts on their own according to the training plan, but weekend sessions will be face-face long runs with NightHawk trainers.  Weekly training tips comprising of Heart-Rate and Intensity training, Running Form, Nutrition & Fuel, Pacing & Racing, Racing Strategy, Rest & Recovery, Race Planning & Execution among other important topics will be dispensed to complement the NightHawks’ training. 

 In the first session, The NightHawks were segregated into the various pace groups according to their abilities and goals set, each led by a FatBird trainer.  The long run workout was a 90-120min run at Easy-Base Pace.  The pace groups were flagged off individually.  The enthusiastic NightHawks led by their respective trainers ran along the scenic Gardens By The Bay through to Marina Barrage, Marina Bay Sands looping back at the Marina Promontory. 

 This first long run also provided an opportunity to the FatBird trainers to access their trainees’ aerobic fitness, running form and experience with handling longer distances.  As the training progresses, trainees will be upgraded to faster groups as their marathon fitness and endurance progress. 

As dusk fell, the NightHawks experienced running in the night, which is quite different compared with running in the morning.  There will be 5 night long runs to provide the necessary conditioning to these Sundowners to race a good night marathon.

 The respective groups returned to the training start point at 9.00pm, many feeling satisfied, some heaving a sense of relief that they had survived their first long run training session.  As they were getting rehydration with the isotonic drinks provided, there were many interesting exchanged and sharing of the details of the training plan and tips by the Training Team.

 As the NightHawks left the training area very pleased with their performance, we look forward to having them for the second long run through the Mystic Reservoir route next weekend.


 When Dusk Arrives, The NightHawks Arise



Operation NightHawk Night Marathon Training System

Runners preparing for the Sundown Marathon and other marathon races (Gold Coast, London, Paris, Boston, Taipei) in 2019 are encouraged to sign up for NightHawk Marathon Training to benefit from structured group training led by qualified and experienced Team FatBird marathon trainers.


Training Program details and registration HERE!


Team FatBird also has a Corporate Run & Marathon Training Program to prepare employees and running clubs of companies and institutions for local and international running races.  Write to OR Check Out Program Details Here!