It was a good wrap up of Operation NightHawk, 12-week structured marathon training for Sundown Marathon 2017!

The NightHawk trainees, trainers and Sundown Marathon Pacers gathered at Marine Cove, ECP decked out in their race night gear, for the finale long run of 13km (Half Marathon) and 18km (Full Marathon) @ Optimal Pace.

The spirits and energy levels were high, especially after a week of lower mileage from tapering.  The objective of the finale run is to do a full dress and effort rehearsal of what the NightHawks will be doing exactly on race night, albeit at a way shorter distance.

ECP was a hive of activity with families and the weekend crowd in full force.  The Sundown Pacers, in their respective pace groups, set the pace as per race night.  The NightHawks ran at their targeted Optimal paces, using the Pace Groups as guidance and tracking of steady race pace.

It was a steady effort run for all runners.  Without pushing too hard and keeping to their race night pace plans, the NightHawks and Pacers completed the finale run in good shape and race-ready condition.

A race week preparation briefing was conducted for those who stayed behind, including an overview of the race routes and respective hydration and fuel stations.

In the coming race week, the NightHawks were recommended to reduce mileage by 40-50% with specific workouts, rest and feeding advice dispensed to help them prepare well and be in tip-top condition for a good race.

Team FatBird would like to thank all Sundown Marathon Pacers and Operation NightHawk trainees for this 12 weeks of group training and pacing alongside like-minded marathoners all gearing towards the common objective of achieving the mission.

We wish all NightHawks and FatBirds a fruitful and memorable marathon race on 26 March 2017.


When Sundown Comes, The NightHawks Shall Rise!


Photos By FatBird Chin


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