The Nighthawks and Sundown Marathon Pacers gathered at MacRitchie Reservoir Park for their first night long run.  The air was cool after the afternoon showers, which brought delight to the runners, many whom were looking forward to get in a good aerobic workout after the festivities.

After a route and safety briefing, the respective pace groups ran along the boardwalk along Thomson Road.  The Basebuild Pace kept the runners in tandem, all with their targets of completing 15km for Half Marathoners and 24km for Full Marathoners.

At Heart Rate Zone 2, the trainees were supposed to be running at conversational pace.  It was great to see that many were engaged in small talk and keeping one another motivated.  The distances passed very quickly and soon it was the HMers who made their U-Turn at the designated point along Old Upper Thomson Road (OUTR).

The FMers continued along OUTR strongly, coming out onto Upper Thomson Road before turning into Mandai Rd to their U-Turn Checkpoint at Seletar Reservoir.  Because of the New Year period, human traffic was very light, even at the nearby EGC range,

The 4hr Pace Group were the first to turn back and along the way out crossed paths with the incoming 5hr groups.  Greetings and encouragement exchanged before the groups continued on with their paces towards their next Check Points.  The runners maintained their strong paces all the way on the return to finish strongly (with reserves in their tanks) back at MR Amenities Centre by 10:30pm.

After iced-cold isotonic drinks and bananas to replenish fuel and essential salts, the NightHawks and Pacers were given a debrief of what contributed to their enjoyable run, as well as tips on Recovery and Myofascial Massage to keep the niggles and knots at bay, especially as the training runs will be getting longer and more intense in the coming weeks.


When Dusk Falls, The NightHawks Emerge!


Photos by FatBird Chin


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