The Sundown Marathon Pacers and NightHawk marathon trainees went into the fifth week of training with a stronger foundation as they tackled 18km and 30km of long steady distance running from Parkland Green, ECP.


Ahead of the 2XU Compression Run the next morning, there were a few Falcons who turned up for a shorter run.


Although a warmer day than last weekend’s training, we were happy to have clear skies after the past few days of moderate air conditions.  The Sundown Pacers along with the NightHawks were comfortable as they set off in basebuild pace, with the plan of upping to Marathon Pace (MP) in the second half of the run.

U16 U19

The route towards Fort Road and Gardens By The Bay was pretty clear for some good running as Groups 1 through 4 settled into their Basebuild Pace (BP) and chatted with one another in a Zone 2 FlightZONES effort.  It was great to see the confidence of the trainees growing as they tackled the initial miles with ease and control of their paces.


The sun was out in its full glory by the time we hit the Gardens towards Marina Barrage, but that did not affect any of the NightHawks’ momentum.  It was always great fun to run along Marina Bay Sands and admire the magnificent skyline of the Financial District, and when we looped back from the Promontory @ Marina, we were able to pass other pace groups, giving us opportunities to cheer and encourage one another.


The Half Marathoners finished off back at Parkland Green for 18km, with replenishment of iced-cold Gatorade and bananas.  The Full Marathon trainees and Pacers proceeded on towards PA Campsite, and by then have already revved into Marathon Pace mode.  With regular hydration and fuel top-up, the runners were able to maintain the transitioned MP all the way to the 24km mark at a steady pace, and with the groups intact.


The remaining 6km was run with more effort, but that was where the marathon training kicked into effect to establish the distance  ‘conditioning’ and endurance that is so important for the marathoners.  The NightHawks were impressive as they showed little signs of fatigue, soldiering on steadily for the completion of 30km back at start point.

U100 U113

Marathon training with Team FatBird have seen a number of trainees with healthy weight loss through progressively increasing mileage, especially at the weekend Long Steady Runs (LSD) sessions.  The regular training schedule with marathon tips on heart rate training, nutrition and diets, good running form, active recovery, and strength training programs of hills and speedwork have benefited many runners and trainees in our marathon training programs.

With the foundation phase in their belts, the NightHawks will look forward to putting their strength and endurance at next weekend’s second Sundown Marathon Lead Up Run.  There will be nary a doubt they will run strong and full of confidence along with many runners who have registered for Sundown Marathon at the end of May.


The NightHawks Are Emerging!


Photos by FatBird Onin