The NightHawks gathered for their finale run at Parkland Green ahead of next weekend’ Sundown Marathon whilst the Kookaburras were just getting in their first 30km training run at Optimal Pace.


We had a special guest in the form of Aileen Ho, an avid marathoner with more than 100 marathons to her name and the newly published author of Around The World In My Running Shoes, who offered a glimpse of her content-rich marathon travelogue and a good deal for the FatBird runners present.

M15 M17

The night run started promptly for the Sundown Pacers, NightHawk and Kookaburra marathoners at 7:15pm and soon they were coasting at Optimal Pace along the lengths of ECP.  The night was rather cool and because of the holiday, the crowds of families and holiday makers were out in full force, making the long run quite interesting for all of us.


As it was a final trial for next weekend’s important Sundown Marathon race, all the Sundown Pacers and trainees took extra efforts to test out their sustained Optimal Pace as well as put their final preparations into action – a final rehearsal for the actual night.


The NightHawks completed 13km (HM) and 18km (FM) strongly, with lots of reserves in their tanks, all set for the big race.  They look all set to perform strongly to beat the night for next week’s Sundown Marathon.


The smaller group of Kookaburras in the respective FM groupings of 4:00h, 4:30h, 5:00h and 5:30h went for the full works of 23km-30km to emerge strongly for the night.  With half of the Kookaburra Program completed, the runners will be looking forward to the final half of the program and their longest runs right after Sundown Marathon, in early June.


Training Photos from FatBird Chin