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Article: Gold Coast Airport Marathon Special: Run And Fun All-In-One

Lovely beaches, good weather and a fast, flat course: Little wonder so many Gold Coast Airport Marathon (GCAM)  runners end up beating their Personal Best (PB)! Find out what some other participants have to say about the race – and start planning a different type of vacation this year!

Now in its 33rd year, the GCAM has regularly drawn praise for its organisation, as well as for being a fast and flat course with extremely good weather for running — a winning formula that has seen many personal bests fall by the wayside…runners have been taking advantage of the specialised marathon training prepared by Team Fatbird. Operation Kookaburra is based on Team FatBird’s in-house fitness system and complemented with aspects of the Official Gold Coast Marathon Training Program.

Four first-time GCAM runners from Singapore, Winston Wong, Susie Lim, Lim Yian Soon, and Charlotte Teoh share their experience and journey of preparations and training for the race – CLICK TO READ!