Want to lose weight but don’t know how or where to start?  

With the help of qualified weight-loss experts from Team FatBird, this programme incorporating Nutrition, Well-Being and Fitness for weight loss Workshops coupled with 8-12 weeks of physical activity and group exercises will teach and show you how to stay fit and healthy the right way.


Have you signed up with a number of Weight Loss Programs but still not getting enough ‘fat burn’ to maintain the healthy weight that you desire?

You can now tap on Team FatBird’s FatBLAST System™ to meet your Lose To Win™ and other weight management GOALS in a highly effective fashion.

The FatBLAST BootCamp Program is formalized based on Team FatBird’s successful experience with conducting Lose To Win™ with the following structure:

1.  Structured Physical Activity for effective weight loss comprising of weekly Friday evening workouts
2.  Workout sessions will focus on high intentive interval training and bodyweight circuits to burn those excesses away
3.  Qualified & Experienced Group Physical Trainers conducting the training sessions
4.  Two levels of training – beginners and advanced
5.  Facebook and Whatsapp Groups of weekly training plan, tips on nutrition and exercise, and advisory
6.  Bring your own hydration and towels as you are going to be dripping wet

Get more information on the FatBLAST BootCamp Program in the FAQ HERE!

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What Our Weight Loss and Lose To Win Participants Say

Team FatBird has successfully conducted Lose To Win programs in 5 different locations to more than 150 participants who have benefited with weight losses and trimmer waistlines.  The following are what some of them have to say:

Tan Mei Li (Grp 206)
I was tested being pre-obese at 63.4kg before I came for Team FatBird’s weight management program. I learnt that regular exercising and proper eating habits were key to my success in shedding 4kg.  I dedicate my success to Team Fatbird and all its instructors that gave me motivation and positive mindset.

Jason Cai (Grp 202)
Thank you Team Fatbird and Caryl for all the motivation and guidance throughout this period! And of course everyone of you who has work so hard to lose weight! Keep our healthy lifestyle ya!

Kim & Chew (Grp 206)
In the past, we have little success losing any weight. After we joined this LTW program organized by Team FatBird, we manged to lose 2.4kg and 3kg respectively. We wish to thank Team Fatbird, its trainers and crew for journeying with us through this 8-week program.

Margaret Teo (Grp 206)
Prior to this LTW program, I was already working out 5 times a week but without much improvement in my weight. After signing up the LTW program, I was delighted by my 4kg loss in just 8 weeks. I thank the trainers, nutritionists and especially Team Fatbird for their dedication and hard work in helping to get me motivated with those highly energetic exercises and proper eating habits that have helped me.

David Teo (Grp 206)
These motivational LTW workouts helped me shed 6.5-kilos in just 12 weeks. Gave me good knowledge on correct food intake, workouts and proper guidance by dedicated and qualified trainers.  I am especially thankful to Team Fatbird’s instructors, nutritionists and all its crew that have helped me throughout this 8-week weight loss program.

J (204)
A very big thank u to Radha and the Fatbird team!! ??
Hope we can have good news soon on the continuation! ????
Meanwhile do rem to maintain and stay healthy!! ????
Climb stairs n healthy plate!

Lily Lim (202)
Thanks to HPB n Team Fatbird all the instructor. After joining this Lose To Win, I totally lost 6.4kg – so happy now can become (sui sui) grandmother 🙂

Arthur Ng (202)
Tks so much for the whole group of LTW management including FatBird team.

Tan Book Kak (206)
This Lose To WIn Program has helped me lose 6kgs in the past 12 weeks. I am very motivated by the trainer’s dedication towards their participants and I wish to participate in their future programs. Thanks Team Fatbird and all its trainers for my big improvement.

Claren … (202)
Many thanks Team Fatbird. Your guidance and motivation is much appreciated.

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