The Kookaburras and PowerFLIGHT participants were at CarFreeSundaySG for their 3rd weekend session of BaseBuild and Tempo Intervals respectively.  The roads closure at the City Centre for this Sunday morning activity provided a nice training route for the long training runs required as the trainees build up their speed and pace endurance.

The Kookaburras were flagged off along with their respective trainers from Team FatBird first as they were required to do 15km-26km of long run at BaseBuild Pace.  That meant 3-5 loops of the 5.2km flat route on tarmac along the closed roads of Shenton Way.

Isotonic drinks and mineral water available at the start of the loop course provided a good source of hydration for the runners as the local humid and hot weather provided additional challenges.

After their usual dynamic drills warm-up, the PowerFLIGHT trainees proceeded to meet their training requirements of three loops of the 5.2km course at Half Marathon pace with 3 minute rest intervals in between loops.

The CarFreeSundaySG activities kicked off at 8am, along with the i-Run participants joining the large group of bikers to share the closed roads for their run.  As they ran around the course, there were many exercise groups conducting their respective fitness bootcamps and aerobics workouts in various static segments of the area.

There were also many plenty of fringe activities like soccer, ball games, fitness exercises for the young, seniors and families to keep the whole place vibrant and energized in the heat of the morning.

The Kookaburras and PowerFLIGHT trainees completed their training runs by 10am with sets of cool-down stretches to wrap up this weekend long run session.

A shout out to the PowerFLIGHT and Kookaburra trainees who did the concurrent Income Eco Run at the F1 Pit as part of their training and timed trials performed very well, with Personal Bests and Season’s Bests to show, just after these few weeks of speed and strength build up.

Overall, it was a busy but fruitful weekend of training for the various Team FatBird training programs which was well organized by our team of dedicated trainers and pacers to guide all the participants in their progression towards their race goals in 9 weeks.  A big shout out to our PowerFLIGHT, Kookaburra trainers and i-Run Leaders for the training guidance and support which made this possible.  Thanks Team!



Program PowerFLIGHT Speed & Strength Training System

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