With just 2 weeks remaining to the Army Half Marathon Race, the Kingfishers ramped up their speed training with a bout of intervals at the Telok Blangh Hills.


A warm up run up Mt. Faber took some steam off the runners, before doing a set of activation drills on site to prepare for the main menu.  6 x 900m sets later, the Kingfishers felt motivated with their strength and speed to want to do more.

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They were not disappointed with a set of tabata core workouts just to empty whatever has been leftover in their fuel tanks.  The 3km run back to start point capped a fruitful workout session for the night.


The Kingfishers brought their improved base to Parkland Green on Sunday for a full HM time trial at race pace.


The start was on time and everyone did a very good even pace run to set themselves up to peak for race day.  Confidence levels were given a boost as many made their targets and are hopeful for a good race.


The Kingfishers Are Peaking Well!


Photos By FatBird Onin