As with all Kingfisher and PowerFLIGHT training, speedwork at the track is always highly anticipated and one of the start attractions of the programs…the 80 Kingfisher participants were not disappointed.

It always bring an air of excitement whenever we visit the Serangoon Stadium, home of our track training.  Because of the size of our group, the caretaker and fellow runners would always sense our presence and in a way, everyone enjoys the motivation of running with many different groups, all giving one another the extra push to go that much faster and stronger.

While waiting for the rest of the Kingfishers to arrive, the earlier group were served a warm-up cocktail of some easy laps and running drills just to get things started.  By 1900hrs, we served the appetizer in the form of a mile (1.6km) time trial, a good gauge of the trainees’ level of sustainable aerobic fitness, which will help determine training paces for the main menu of interval sets.

The 3 Groups, along with their respective trainers, clocked up a smooth mile run before before briefed about the main menu.  The main menu, comprising of 2 parts were dished out to the delight of the runners, 800m interval sets with rests in between to recover and catch a breath, before swallowing in the subsequent sets.

This batch of Kingfishers have done some groundwork and seemed to be quite prepared for the track dishes, and soon Part A was consumed in good form.  While waiting for Group 3 to complete, Groups 1 and 2 were tasked a side dish of push-ups and burpees to which they injested with not much of a complaint.  

A quick briefing was given for Part B (400m sets) of the main menu, and then they went on the track to attack the final dish.  By the time they were done, all were having flushed faces, heavy breaths of recovery, but with smiles of satisfaction for an evening of speedwork well executed.

We were right on the dot with time management.  By the sound of the first horn (indicating the pending closure of the Stadium’s day), we had completed our debrief with a heads up for our hills training session in the weekend.  

As we walked towards the stands where the baggage were, bottles of hydration clutched in our perspiration-drenched palms, there were much chatter and discussion about how much we have enjoyed the track training, and how it was a maiden track experience for many of us who have never ran seriously in a track since our school days 😀

The Kingfishers Love The Track, The Kingfishers Will Be Back!

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